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Ep. 249 Mark Goes Fanboy on Christopher Williams Drummer from ACCEPT

ACCEPT Drummer Christoper Williams Shares His Feelings Playing Live Shows After the Many Attacks at Live Concerts

Episode 249, October 17, 2017. Christopher Williams the drummer from ACCEPT joins us this week. We dig into just how BIG of a KISS fan Christopher is… you won’t believe what KISS collectible he owns! Even more interesting and exciting is that we learn Christopher got bit by the KISS bug in 1996. As he describes everything he experienced, everything he felt… the three of us comment on how he is describing just what we each felt… in the 1970s. Christopher also opens up and addresses how all of the recent attacks at music concerts and festivals makes him feel, how he felt playing Paris shortly after the Paris attack. Christopher is a amazing KISS fan and has some amazing stories and memories.

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