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Three Sides of the Coin is a weekly web series and podcast. Distributed on YouTube, iTunes and Stitcher Radio. The series discusses KISS from the fans perspective, with open and honest discussion on topics such as the producers of KISS, the vocalists of KISS, the KISS autobiographies. Each episode is approximately 45 minutes in length

The series has over 5000+ views per episode and that number just continues to grow as viewers discover past episodes.

Demographics are:


* Male – 57%
* Female – 43%


* 35-44 – 23%
* 45-54 – 17%
* 25-34 – 8%

Top Countries

* United States
* Canada
* Australia
* Brazil
* United Kingdom
* Sweden

A monthly sponsorship would include:

* Live read in each weekly episode.
* Video ad in each weekly video.
* Tagged in show notes.
* Tagged in blog posts.
* Create a weekly fan engagement activity around the sponsor.
* Will bring sponsor on as a special guest.