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The KISS Setlist, What We Want to Hear, What They Could Change on Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #10 we discuss the KISS setlist. Songs we want to hear, songs that have to be part of a KISS concert, playing the same songs but changing the order… open the show with Rock N Roll All Nite and close the show with Love Gun. And… how you can work Dark Light from The Elder into the show.

  • David

    Anything from the studio side of Alive 2 and “saint and sinner” from Creatures

  • Louis

    Another great episode. You guys are very interesting and entertaining, and you give each other room to comment.

    Personally I don’t ask for obscure songs, but I would like them to switch 2 or 3 songs night in and night out. Bring back Domino, I Just Wanna, Hide Your Heart, Unholy, Room Service, Fits Like A Glove, Forever, Creatures Of The Night.

    However in the Monster Australian tour they did some shuffling in the standard set list, while changing one song per show. Maybe there’s hope…

  • Spectrebal

    Here’s one from left field. “Getaway” from “Dressed To Kill.” An Ace song sung by Peter, that Tommy and Eric could sing and give the old guys a vocal break! Could kill many birds with that stone!!

  • hamed kabariti

    the 4 songs that I think should be now on KISS concerts: 1. I, 2. keep me comin’, 3. spit, 4. hate

  • hamed kabariti

    2 songs that I wanna hear in a KISS concert: 1. hate, 2. killer.

  • hamed kabariti

    I love it loud doesn’t suck for me because is a heavy and energetic song.

  • Danny O’Sullivan

    Hi guys, another “pandora’s box” to open – the KISS setlist!! 😉 As much as they kicked my butt when I heard them on record, and have LOVED them as tunes over the years, personally I am sick of Detroit, Love Gun, R N R A N, and must agree with Tommy – I Love It Loud live. Replace these songs I’d be stoked!! Just sayin’! As for my two songs to put in Tommy, Rockin’ In The USA and I. Must disagree with the criteria about it having to be a song that has a chance of being played, with this criteria, we just wiped out 87% of Kiss’ catalogue!!

  • Stephen Klahn

    The Rolling Stones do something cool each night for their setlist. They give the fans 5 songs to vote from, then the winner is played that night. I always thought it would be cool, and a great way to get the fans involved, if KISS did it. It doesn’t always work out for the best, check out the Stones playing ‘She’s So Cold’ on July 3, 2014 for example, but never the less. If you’re at the show, you don’t care if they mess the lyrics up, you’re just glad to be seeing your favorite band try something new.

  • Ken Monteiro

    This has been a bone of contention with me for some time now. I will not go see another Kiss show because of them playing the same songs all of the time. I have 4 or 5 songs that I would love to hear that would make me go absolutely crazy if I heard them. My picks are Plaster Caster, Sweet Pain, Flaming Youth, Mr Speed, and Take Me. As far as the songs that I think they NEED to play every show, they are Deuce, Shout it Out Loud, R& R all Nite, and alternate Calling Dr. Love and Christine Sixteen. I totally agree with Opening with R&R all Nite and never playing I Love it Loud again!

  • Vince Pileggi

    My 4 MUST tunes they SHOULD play are 🙁 Larger than Life, Watchin You ,Strangeways, Hotter Than Hell) ..