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Ep. 224 Adam Mitchell Joins Us to Dissect The Songs on Crazy Nights

How To Write a Hit Song!

Episode 224, April 10, 2017. Adam Mitchell Joins Us to Dissect The Songs on Crazy Nights. Since 2017 is the 30th anniversary of the release of Crazy Nights Adam returns to Three Sides of the Coin to discuss his song writing for the album. As a professional songwriter Adam gives us some amazing insight into how Paul Stanley writes and what makes a great song.

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  • Tyson Briden

    Just listening, great interview. You guys mentioned musicians not buying music… I am indeed a musician and I buy a ton of music. lol. I know of many others that do as well. Love the show. I mentioned you guys in my Four By Fate review on Sleaze Roxx. When I review Klassik 78 I will give you guys another plug.