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Ep. 218 How Much Money Did KISS Make Per Show in 1974?

How Much Money Did KISS Make Per Show in 1974?

Episode 218, February 28, 2017.  This week we dig into another KISS contract, this time a contract for a show in 1974! Just how much money was KISS making per show in ’74? We find out!

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  • Halographic

    Hey guys! You warned us against listening to this show. But it it wasn’t so bad. Regarding Mark’s bafflement about Kiss fan’s obsession with The Elder — here’s why: Kiss rose up — way up— from those experimental times and went on to release many more albums and go on many more tours. Styx’s Mr. Roboto and Van Halen III pretty much marked the ends of those bands. Tommy Shaw left after Roboto, and there’s been nothing new from Van Halen after III. But Kiss quickly came back with Creatures of the Night — super-heavy stuff — then Lick It Up. For the next decade, they kept it going strong.

    Thank you so much for the Anthony X interview! Black Kiss fans are here, and we are strong! Until EP 207, I’d never connected the face to the name of Robert Conte. Amazing! Another black Kiss fan!

    I admit I’m not as gung ho about Kiss as I was as a young teenager — I was 13 when Lick It Up was released — but hearing you guys talk about so many albums I’ve never heard has piqued my curiosity to check out a lot of music on YouTube. I was done after Asylum.

    Thanks again.