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Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides Talks KISS with Three Sides Of The Coin

In episode 28, June 18, 2013, We sit down with Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides and talk about what it is like to discover KISS in 1992 and how much of a influence KISS has had on his musical career.

  • I am not familiar with the Black Veil Brides.After listening to Andy speak, I am impressed with his passion ,intellect.I will be searching for performances,music from BVB.Is there a good place to start?CD or taped performance?Thanks Michael, Mitch,Tommy for another great show.

    • Ashlyn

      A great place to start for KISS fans is Set the World On Fire. It’s an amazing album with a wonderful message. The make up during the entire era of Set the World On Fire was very similar to KISS. You should really check it out.

    • Samantha

      You can find a good number of their live shows on Youtube, as well as their music videos. They have three albums and one EP out, most of which are also on Youtube. Wretched and Divine is their latest album 🙂 They’ve also done a number of interviews both funny and serious. I personally started with their music videos. They are very well done and have excellent quality to them. My personal favorite is the Coffin music video. Hope this helps!

    • Danielle Sixx

      A good place to start is going to youtube and looking up knives and pens. Then go from there.

    • Talisha

      Yeah look up a couple of song look up a song called knives and pens by black veil brides it’s the best song and u can start from there

    • lisa

      I know right! I’ve been a fan of BVB for about a year and was super shocked to find out how intelligent the band actually is. Anyway though, i think you should start by listening to their newest Cd Wretched and Divine the story of the wild ones. Its just good to start off with what they’re currently doing, so you can love them for who they are now. Since their style has changed a bit. I personally think In The End is a great song to start off from the W&D album. They have the official video on youtube as well.

    • Kissy811

      I recently became a huge fan of Black Veil Brides. My starting point was one of their newer songs “In The End”. Afterwards I listened to their whole album Wretched And Divine. Another great place to look is their music video for “Knives And Pens” or “Fallen Angels”. I absolutely love them!

    • Jaynie Craig

      BVB is an amazing band!!! They have 3 albums, the first one is “We Stitch These Wounds” the second one is “Set The World On Fire” and the last one which came out January 8th If I remember correctly…that one is called “Wretched and Divine”. All three albums are amazing, along with the songs Smoke and Mirrors, The Gunsling, (They covered a Billy Idol song called; Rebel Yell), (They covered a KISS song called Unholy), Unbroken and Coffin. They have an entire army of fans called the BVB Army! I am a proud member of the BVB Army. Andy Biersack (lead singer), Ashley Purdy (Bassist,& Back up Vocals), Jake Pitts (Lead Guitar) Jinxx (Rhythm Guitar & Violin) and Christian “CC” Coma (Drums) are all kind-hearted, caring and loving people who love their fans so much. Everyone should listen to Black Veil Brides, they are amazing. Oh an if you want to have a few laughs, watch some interviews on YouTube! 🙂 The Bryan Stars interviews are my personal favorites. If you decide to watch them, make sure you watch them in order, and make sure that they are the uncut interviews! 🙂
      Hope this helps ^_^ and I hope you will like or love them like I, and so many others do! 🙂 🙂

    • Jaynie Craig

      Oh and you can see like 4 videos of BVB during their Seattle Warped Tour set… They are the most recent live performances they have done! I hope you enjoy them! ^_^

    • Tichina Balog

      Black Veil Brides is fantastic. Just start from youtube and go from there. They are fantastic, and Andy’s intellect always shows itself, even in the BVB music.

    • Jordan Arb

      Well as a long term Black Veil Brides fan I think you should get the Wretched and Divine CD it is my personal favorite and it is always better on the cd then a taped I mean they are great Live but non professional Cameras will fuck that up anyway loved this

    • Bethany

      It’s best to find Andy’s music under the first album and go from there, I’m 12 and love Andy and his band for themselves and their music, the first album is “We Stitch These Wounds” the second one is “Set the World on Fire” and the third in “Wretched and divine, the story of the Wild ones”, and they just released a black box with a movie and 3 nex songs called”Wretched and divine the story of the wild ones legion of the black. And they also preform at warped tour here in the U.S, hope it helps:) they have little/no cussing like kiss themselves

    • Linda

      Black Veil Brides Rule! watch Knives and Pens on YouTube (Andy’s earliest-he didn’t even actually have a band at the time & rounded up one to make this video-AT 15 YRS OLD!)He’s only 21 now!) Legacy, also a favorite! There’s a new album, wretched and devine, and SO MUCH MORE on Youtube! Check it out, I’m sure you’ll become a member of the #BVBArmyForLife! @OfficialBVB RULES!

  • Bjorn Hakansson

    Black Veil Brides are absolutely Great! Fallen Angel is an Immediate song that Catch you instantly.. but Give In the End at least 4 Listenings. It grows every time you listen to it.- it´s now my fav.. Really nice to see the millions of views they have on youtube- they can be really big. And! Finally a new Group with great guitar solos. For me they are a dark version of Motley Crue. And thanks to Three Sides who made me and other Kiss fans aware of this great goup. The Kiss influence for me is not that obvious- maybe the tempo Changes ans solos. And Andy! Have you Heard Ghost BC Live? – if so-what do you Think? And don´t forget Unholy Aucustic!!!

  • Rod

    Guys great interview in getting a perspective from someone who grew up with KISS in the 90’s there with Andy. My first exposure to the band was in 1978 as a late 3 year old through my cousin so I have a very similar thought in that the band is the band and everyone in it. Not just four original guys and that is all.

    On the music selling of CD’s etc. I sell to people here in Australia through Ebay and sell a lot of CD’s over a lot of different genres. What do you guys think has happened to the industry with digital downloading etc. I myself as a seller can’t believe the few remaining record labels around are not competing with iTunes as such. Why when an album is released here and most back catalogue CD’s are overpriced and they are doing themselves no end of good losing business to the digital downloading folk.

    Be interested on your thoughts on this?

  • Hey 3 sides.I just finished watching the AXS KISS Zurich Monster show. On past tours Paul sings 60% of the songs,I think he did about 40% this show. I’ve seen shows when Paul was at his best,flawless strong.This show some songs he did quite well,Say Yeah, Hell or Halleluiah. Others were not quite as well, but overall there seemed to improvement. After viewing what are your thoughts?

  • MENTAL NOTE: So on the next BVB tour if you see a lot of middle aged men wearing KISS “T” shirts and/or war paint in the mosh pit you can trace it back to this podcast.
    Hey I wanted to thank everyone for the BVB info(albums ,shows etc) I have learned a lot, I do enjoy BVB.I am having fun exploring.

  • omg bvb are amazing i love them i wanted to meet andy like forever ago (blackveilbridearmyforevera)

  • omg bvb are amazing i love them i wanted to meet andy like forever ago (blackveilbridearmyforever

  • David McNair

    I’ve been huge KISS fan since 78 when I was 11. I really enjoy your show each week. My favorites were the Andy Biersack, Eddie Kanon, and Bruce Kulick shows. I think the best ones are the ones where you have very interesting special guests. I had never heard of BVB and now I have watched many youtube videos and heard a lot of their music. I will probably buy their last cd thanks to your show. Keep up the good work. If I had to change anything, I would probably cut off the last 10-15 minutes of each show, goes on too long, useless banter at the end. Just pull the plug! One hour is a plenty. Just my opinion, constructive criticism… Also go easy on Mitch. He seems like a good guy. Michael tell more about your time working for KISS….

  • Sarah

    Brilliant interview/discussion. I think one of he things that most drew me to BVB is how well spoken and insightful Andy is with music.