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Are Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley the Visionaries in KISS? Were Peter & Ace Just Hired.

In episode #21 we ask the question… are Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley the visionaries in KISS? Were Ace Frehley & Peter Criss hired musicians?

  • Tez

    The first set of Remaster releases in 1997 was Kiss through Creatures. In 1998 they released Lick It Up through Crazy Nights.

  • KISS was always G&P band.A&P were brought on board given equal shares,contributed immensely during the inception.A&P contributed less,then nothing during the original run.Egos became inflated by all.The hierarchy prevented the band prevented KISS from going in 4 directions.I am surprised the re-union lasted as long as it did.We hear their won’t be another reunion,but we’ve heard that story before haven’t we? Love to see 1 special show. G&P will always do what they want,if it makes $ will be #1 factor. 

  • mike

    KISS is a result of Gene and Paul’s vision. They had the vision of a “heavy metal Beatles” in which you had four so-called equal members with strong identities, but with a heavier sound and image. But, even as a 12 year old kid, I always knew that Paul and Gene were the leaders. They sang most of the songs, talked more in interviews, were always more prominent in the pictures… And while i agree thatPete and Ace were instrumental in the formitive years of KISS, Ace showed how much of a visionary he was when he skipped out on recording sessions on Destroyer because he had an important card game.

  • Gary Aeh

    Gene and Paul might have had the vision, but could not have developed Kiss without the vocal behind Black Diamond, or the song Cold Gin or Parasite. Gene and Paul had the idea for the engine but Peter and Ace were the gas and oil that made it work. Look at Kiss after Ace and Peter left! Not the same and not the classic Kiss. As of right now Kiss is all Gene and Paul and will only be a product to make money for Gene and Paul.

  • Hi Gary.So just to be clear, KISS without Ace & Peter doesn’t sound like KISS with Ace& Peter. Wow! Hey I’ll go out on a limb and say that with each different member KISS had a different sound. I think Gene & Paul really enjoy what there doing. The money is cool,I think they enjoy the success even more.What a cool job, create, tour,money ,praise.The made a career from a dream.

    • Gary Aeh

      Hey Chris, listen, I’ve been a fan of Kiss since the mid- 70’s. Still am a fan. I think Monster, Revenge, and Creatures are some of there best, however, I love the original line-up and I think that from their 1st album through Alive II is the best. I did not like Psycho Circus all that much, to me, if Peter and Ace had been involved, I think it would have been much better. My point is, even though Ace and Peter had to audition I believe they were still equal members both in the money and creativity. True, Ace and Peter, because they let substance abuse get in the way had lost respect with Gene and Paul, Gene and Paul did what they had to do to keep the band alive. No disrespect intended to anybody that works hard for their dreams and succeeds.

      • Hi Gary.I mean no disrespect.Our views are not that far apart.I appreciate the original line-up and each members contributions. It was Gene and Paul’s partnership,vision.Ace,Peter climbed on board were given equal shares.Did they contribute? Of course.Did they have visions?You bet. When they checked out later they left the original partnership to move on. I am glad that KISS decided to move ahead and not be a short footnote in Rock N Roll.

  • Jon Hull

    Every band has one or two distinct leaders…Gene and Paul are Kiss’s just like Jimmy Page was Zepplin’s, like Bono and the Edge are U2’s. It doesn’t mean that the rest of the band aren’t important it just means that every team needs a captain. Ace and Peter weren’t visionaries of Kiss, they had the same aspirtations as Gene and Paul, they just needed something or someone to point them in the right way. Kiss would have happened if Gene and Paul found other players…as successful? who knows