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Bruce Kulick Sits Down with Threes Sides of the Coin & Takes You Inside KISS

In episode #14 we sit down with former KISS lead guitarist Bruce Kulick. Bruce discusses so much, including: Would he wear Ace’s makeup? Has he ever worn Ace’s makeup? Would he come back to the band? What it was like working with Bob Ezrin, Ron Nevison, Toby Wright and Paul Stanley as producers. What is his least favorite album that he played on. The Kulick Brothers… playing with his brother Bob. He gives us a teaser listen to a unreleased Revenge track Do You Wanna Touch Me.

  • Great stuff !

  • Hi Michael,Mitch,Tommy special hello to Mr. Bruce Kulick.I really enjoy your show and when you feature a special quest with inside information it’s the icing on the cake. Bruce Kulick! That’s icing ,ice cream, special gift with a surprise party. I consider Bruce an old friend,his contributions to KISS were immense.Thank you Bruce for all the shows you played I attended,you always gave 100%. 3 Sides Guys can you add another Tuesday every week so we can listen to two shows?Thank you again.

  • In regards to Mitch’s theory, Dick Wagner destroyed KISS 😉

  • Dan

    Being a die-hard, it’s almost impossible to name a fav. I would say my favorite Bruce playing would be on Asylum, Revenge, & Carnival of Souls. If I had to pick a song from each: ‘King of the Mountain’, ‘Unholy’ & ‘Spit’ (ok thats 2 from Rev.), & ‘Master & Slave….

  • Kenn S-H

    Re: Bruce interview: Wow, how much fun was that?! Awesome work guys!! Had a thought about that Kulick-Appice thing you were talking about at the end — how about a little wink and nod to the past by calling it “The GOOD Boys of KISS” Tour? Also, thought a better homework assignment might have been a gold star to anyone who is able to track down and provide that lost tune from Revenge!! Guess that would make you the new ‘BAD boys on the block.’
    Anyways, just a couple of thoughts 🙂
    Keep rockin!’

  • SpaceKev

    I love Bruce Kulick!! Great interview with him. Great insight onto his time with the band.

  • mike

    An outstanding show, guys. Bruce seems so genuine and down to earth, a great interview. And it reminds me why I’m such a fan of this band. All the eras, members (official and otherwise), producers, music styles, visual images. This band has an amazing, eclectic 40 year (and counting) history, lots of great and not-so-great characters in and out of this band, with Paul and gene at the helm of it all. I look forward each weeek to see what you’ll discuss next. I cant imagine ever running out of topics.

  • Quentin

    Two words……. CLASS ACT!


    Question. Have you been in any of the KISS KRUISES? What do you think about the whole idea? How do you feel about the whole thing ? Price (is it worth it) , the acoustic set and the activities in general to interact with the band and the fans. Anything you want to talk about the cruises will be great. Thanks.

  • Gary Aeh

    Have to say favorite Kiss tune with Bruce is God Gave Rock n’ Roll To You II, and the question is would anybody besides myself love to hear It’s My Life live.

  • Jeff

    Awesome show guys! I always liked Bruce, and I would have loved to have seen him in the band again to see if they could pick up after Revenge and CoS. If that lineup could get together and play like they did before the reunion, even in makeup I think that would rock.

  • Kevin

    Hi guys,

    First off I would like to say I really enjoy your shows (addicted to them really) and am an admitted KISS geek since ’76. I was the kid that would have bought “KISS – dog (you-know-what)” if there was a logo on it (in fact I would have bought two :)). My first show was Dynasty at MLG in Toronto and have been to more shows than I can remember – all line-up’s including present day (sorry Peter Criss – yes I am fueling the “new KISS”). Ok…enough about me.

    I thought I would drop this line because this interview with Bruce really left me wanting. Let me preface this by saying maybe there was an agreement before the show regarding what topics were off limits or maybe you guys have spoke to Bruce so many times that certain topics just never came up. I thought this was a “nice” interview without many “tough” questions. I was just curious why there was little discussion regarding Eric Carr’s last days, why the Crazy Nights tour was so lethargic, given the poor response to the Revenge tour was there any real concern that the end of the road was in sight and so on. Let’s face it…for a band with their history I hardly believe that a Konvention tour was such an accomplishment, as Bruce positioned it, compared to playing sold out arenas. In fact the period after Revenge through the Reunion was hardly “feeding at the trough” years for KISS. In fairness I did not listen to the last 10 minutes or so when Bruce was plugging his own projects again so maybe something did slip in. On Eric Carr for example: although it’s likely Bruce would not have wanted to get into it anyway but it would have been nice to allow him to set the record straight for once and for all. We have all heard the various stories but if you believe Gene’s account he sat at Eric’s bedside for 100 straight days coddling him in his arms like an infant.

    I have been lucky to talk one on one with Bruce at the Konventions and found him to be very nice and straight forward but in this interview he seemed to almost be on the KISS payroll and was quite guarded. I am not naive and do appreciate that his former KISS years continue to provide money making opportunities but it seemed as though he is really hoping for another potential payday down the road (although he seemed to down play it in the interview).

    That said I thought Tommy asked some very good questions surrounding the Revenge period. Also exploring what could have been for him and his brother was interesting too.

    All this is, as you say, “my opinion only”. I just felt it was not as informational as the Ed Kanon or Kevin Valentine sessions because, as die-hards, many of us have heard many of Bruce’s stories before. Maybe you will get another chance with him some day for some tougher questions 🙂

    If you feel I have it wrong please feel free to drop me a line.

    Best wishes guys and I look forward to next Tuesday.


    • Speaking only for myself Kevin, we would have needed 12 hours with Bruce. Nothing was off limits but you go where the conversation takes you.


  • Kevin

    Sorry all…just a couple quick clarifications…

    I meant to say In fact the period after Revenge through to the Reunion was hardly “feeding at the trough” years for KISS

    And to add: the real story behind the Peter Criss LA Konvention…did Eric Singer really suggest he play with the band? I’m hearing now that was not the case…


  • David Lynch

    As I only recently discovered three sides of the coin (and loving it btw) I have watched some of the newer episodes and just started looking at the older episodes my mind was blown that you had Bruce Kuilick on absoloutley loved it. I am a huge fan of Bruce as he was KISS’S guitarist the first time I ever saw them on the Kiss my arse downunder convention tour. any chance of getting Bruce in again I felt like there could be so many more things to talk about. anyway great job guys thank you for this show and doing what you are doing. thanks guys 🙂