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Chris Lendt Talks about The Elder, Creatures of the Night & Lick It Up What Was Going On

Episode 59, January 28, 2014. Chris Lendt, the former business manager of KISS from 1976 to 1988, sits down with us. We ask Chris to take into what was happening, what people were thinking during the era of Music From The Elder, Creatures of the Night and Lick It Up. We talk about the relationship with the record label and their response to these albums. We talk about if anyone said The Elder was a bad idea. We talk about removing the makeup. How desperate were KISS during this period.

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  • Bob jordan

    A few comments. I’ve listen to many of your shows an enjoy them greatly. Chris Lendt’s episode was one of my favorites. I would love to hear more.
    I would also love to hear an episode that speaks t, or discusses the best non hit or non released songs on each album. I have been a true loyal fan since 76. I truly love – Charisma, larger than life, million to one, danger, exciter, X-ray eyes, is that you, wouldn’t you like to know me, mr. Speed, would love to hear thoughts & comments of those songs and any stories or info. Regarding those songs. I was lucky enough to be at the kiss convention in 95 in Montreal and they played part of charisma live and it was awesome. Just some random kiss thoughts

  • kevin

    hey guys really enjoyed this show with chris i read his book when it came out .my question for him about kiss in the 80’s would be did it really turn into a gene and paul vs a bruce and eric like it was in the 70’s with ace and peter? i would also like to ask him about what ever happened to the kiss asylum tour that was filmed for a future vhs at that time never came out ?

  • Maurice

    Nobody mentions anything about MTV and the importance of videos in that period. Nobody even asks about the MTV unmasking. Why so many boring questions about what the record label thought? If you read Chris’s book, you really wouldn’t have asked many of these questions. If you ever get him on your show again, please ask him about that.

    • Michael

      Because we weren’t bored by the record label questions, that is what we wanted to know about.