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Dr. Mitch Visits with Tommy on the KISS Couch for some KISS Therapy

In episode 27, June 11, 2013, Dr. Mitch Lafon visits with Tommy Sommers on the KISS couch for some KISS therapy. Plus we discuss the brand new spider stage revealed on the Monster Tour in Europe. Does the new stage fix things?

  • Hi 3 sides.I don’t think it’s Tommy in need of therapy.Let us review:Hello Kitty plushies.Motley Crue spandex junk ,almost empty jar of Vaseline right next to the computer.I kinda think Mitch would enjoy being on the couch.I know Mitch can handle the ribbing. Thanks again for a visit with friends .Next ? show 4 Micheal.Farewell tour were G&P more angry with Peter’s performance, Ace’s or just fed up with both?From my view (which may be wrong) they were just pushed to far by Peter and he was struggling with performing. I think they may have intended to continue with Ace but when he refused they brought Peter back to fill promoters contracts (at least 3 original members)
    Homework.Paul Stanley.
    KISS will always be a part of you.Do you have plans in mind when you are no longer touring.I know you will be spending time with your family.I hope you will continue writing recording .I also know you will be painting,What do you use for source material when composing a painting.
    Homework Ace Frehley
    .You seem the happiest when you are totally immersed in recording .When you focused the quality of your work really shines.I completely understand a break afterwords but not years.With your many friends you could be collaborating on different projects.Why not surround yourself with people who motivate you.Write a song you could record with Gene,Paul on your next CD.
    Homework Gene Simmons.
    WE all know you are a rock star,but we’ve seen the softer Gene now.Do you wish you’re family could have been better protected from the persona you displayed.Looking back would you have married sooner,spent more time with kids.What are you doing now to make your family stronger?
    Homework Peter Criss.
    Do you only listen to people who feed your ego ,do you have someone who will always give you the best honest advice?Take it, even if it clashes with your ego?
    To All life is to short to live without spending some time with your family.Doesn’t mean you have to work together again,have dinner. talk.

  • Jimmie Vincent

    Hi Michael,
    I attended yesterdays Kiss show at The Forum in Copenhagen and since I am a true blood Kiss fan into the bone it really hurt to see them since I have such a strong emotional bond to them. I was obviously not alone with those feelings. The guy from Denmarks largest newspaper BT who revied the Kiss show was obviously also a true blood Kiss fan and if you read the BT review below you will understand the sorrow. For a true Kiss fan the music has always been no. 1. ( Like also Nicki Six said when Paul visited the Six Sense ).
    The Review:
    The tongue out of the window: Four Flügger phenomena completely broke!
    By Steffen Jungersen Wednesday, 12 June 2013, 08:23
    A pathetic Kiss imparted in Forum phenomenon ‘autopilot’ a whole new dimension.
    Okay so, I bought my first Kiss album in 1975, and I even called for last year’s ‘Monster’ album was one of the year’s one. It is I know!
    I am in other words, a fan and always have been.
    But frankly: in the lukewarm light of Tuesday’s appearance in the Forum should the once mighty Kiss stop … the day before yesterday! Unless of course the four Flügger phenomena have urgent plans to change their name to “pity” or possibly ‘whiner’.

    Put another way: if the study in ugly broke even obesity, Kiss delivered in the Forum, is what they have to do well with these days, it is a gross insult to their dedicated audience that they ever will know.

    Well, the gods, which may have meaning to the parts must then know that songs like ‘Detroit Rock City’, ‘Deuce’, ‘Lick It Up’ and ‘Heaven’s On Fire’ falls under the category ‘mandatory curriculum for any rockfan. IF that is not being supplied with a personality like a cracked sidewalk tile and a soul as a aflidt seeds. As they did in the Forum.

    – Well, it IS the only Kiss, and such is the course, I hear that all the people preaching.
    No, it’s the fact exactly not necessarily friends! When I heard for example, one of my favorite tracks, ‘War Machine’, in Falconry in the early eighties was just that song stuck by tearing the tranquility of me – so raw and true was the game. When they played the Forum, it was just a stroke of the cheek with a feather.

    My good friend Ken – incidentally one of the people in this genre, I respect most – felt called to announce that he fucking had rarely seen a band with such a well-functioning autopilot. And it was not kindly meant!

    For Paul Stanley’s pitiful and colds attempt to knock the audience for a party and substituting the singing voice, he no longer has, with half-baked wiggle your ass via drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Tommy Thayer attempt to hide that they were bored miserable for Gene Simmons’ – imdrømmet – well-intentioned but futile struggle to whip palaver over ‘Our Lord preserved’ stage, it was here simply the most part the road unworthy.

    Okay, true to form, the show was a diagnosis of habit-pyromans wet dream, but there explosions HAVE most of us well as seen. Peace be with it but in addition, the fine folks at Kiss course always been that they have so many great songs in the catalog, the effects until now has only been just that: EFFECTS to understøttte the rock classics, Kiss indeed committed.

    So it is apparently no longer. In cadillac’ens path to rock’n’roll heaven have songs in Kiss’ case always sat in the front seat, while the effects to have held back. Judging by what Kiss met up with the Forum, it is now apparently reversed.
    Which only leads me to ask Kiss – for I love indeed much of them – to remember these gifted words from one of their stated ideals, The Rolling Stones: ‘It’s all over now!’

    But thank you for all that you have given us, Kiss!

  • Bill Mohr

    Hi Mike, Mitch, & Tommy,

    I just watched the latest show & wanted to say that you all totally have a right to your opinion…
    On the topic of Pauls’ voice, I really hope Paul gets his voice back. Genes’ voice still sounds great, though. I like the new spider stage but it does not seem to be enough. I agree with Mitch & would like to see a change in the set list. Nothing too drastic, but 2 or 3 songs could be changed out. Gene could step it up a little more to cover for Paul, too.
    Maybe take out Heavens On Fire, I Was Made For Loving You, & Let Me Go, Rock N Roll.
    Add Firehouse, Hotter Than Hell, & Calling Dr. Love.
    (I would love to hear…. I Still Love You) : (

    Peter Criss-It is good to see you still around after everything you’ve been through & I am a very big fan. KISS fans really miss the rock songs you released in the 70s, Will you ever have a new rock release or are you completely done with the music business?

    Ace Frehley- I am a big ACE fan & love your Fractured instrumental pieces, Fractured Quantum really seemed to be like a almost farewell track, Can we still expect another release or a reunion with Frehleys’ Comet?

    Paul Stanley-You are my favorite singer/frontman of all time. You recently had vocal surgery & I would like to know if KISS fans can ever expect a full recovery?

    Gene Simmons-You really are the most important personality in KISS. Has there ever been a time when you did not believe your own hype? Also-Being a true horror movie fan, What are your top 10 horror movies that have been released in the last 40 years?

    Eric Carr-I miss you terribly. You were a nice guy & a powerhouse of a drummer. If there was one thing you could change about the current lineup of KISS what would it be?

    Vinnie Vincent- Where are you, Vinnie? No one can seem to find you. If you could have replaced a solo on any KISS release you did not appear on what song would it be? Also, Why didn’t you ever sign a contract with KISS?

    Mark St. John- RIP-Mark.Once KISS had a guitarist that played on an album but that guitarist did not get to show his talent for long enough to be remembered. What would you like KISS fans to remember you for, Mark?

    Bruce Kulick- You have always been a very stand up guy & stepped in when KISS really needed you most. Do you ever wish you were still in KISS? Why haven’t you ever been in a band with your brother Bob?

    Eric Singer- You are a great drummer & very talented. I really loved the band Badlands. If Ray Gillen was still alive do you think you would have ever done a reunion?

    Tommy Thayer- You have copped Aces’ style better than any guitarist that has been in KISS since Ace? If you could be in any other well known band besides KISS what band would it be? Why?

    Thanks guys 🙂

    • Good Questions! Well thought.

    • Bjorn Hakansson

      Great ideas!!