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Ep. 113 KISS Kruise V is nearly sold out will a electric sail away show wow Mike & Tommy

Episode 113, February 10, 2015. Kruise V is nearly sold out will a electric sail away show wow Mike & Tommy? What will it take for them to go on the Kruise this year? Are they whipped by their wives? We talk about the fan voting for the three songs each Kruiser would like to hear. What about voting for the songs you don’t want to hear instead? We share some great fan mail we received, tease next week’s guest from the book KISS Alive Forever. This Ain’t Spencer’s Crap this week features KISS stamps. Mike and Tommy pressure Mark to lick a stamp and put it on a envelope.

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  • Nicholas

    Think you guys needed a editor for this episode… I mean this episode was a rehash of the episode a few weeks back about kiss kruise 5.. I think we got already that mark is going and tom and mike are not going…this is from guys who say KISS does same show/songlist all the time. I hope you guys appreciate honest review. You know like the book review episode. I know there is a ton of stuff you guys can talk about.. Tommy once mentioned discussion on the bands instruments that would be cool. Maybe songs you think best represent each members talents,style,inspiration,etc. Maybe pick one record a month and review it and kinda take it apart so to speak and have a good talk about it.. I know you say other podcasts do that but maybe do it better..i mean it’s gotta be better than this last episode. And one last real honest feedback and please take with respect..If mark is gonna show his collection stuff is it really necessary to bash him constantly while he is doing so.. It’s kinda annoying in a way. Or just do without that segment. Mike I think it’s time to stop mentioning your critics.. I know you think it’s cool to be “the guy everybody points at”.. But why??? That now is in almost every episode. You guys have had some killer episodes,discussions and guest I just think maybe a little refocus is needed. Again this is from a fan of the show since episode #1. And a huge KISS fan!!! Nicholas in Dallas