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Ep. 119 Mark Vents About Steel Panther Playing on the KISS Kruise V.

Episode 119, March 24, 2015. Mark Vents (some might say SNAPS!) About Steel Panther Playing on the KISS Kruise V. Steel Panther are a parody act no different than Weird Al Yankovic. Are they appropriate for kids on the Kruise? We break 10,000 fans on our Facebook page. We release a new shirt, THANK GOD IT’S TUESDAY, and all profits are being donated to help a young KISS fan battling cancer.

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  • Mike Scott

    Much ado about nothing. Steel Panther is fun entertainment specific to the hair metal scene (which, if you’re being honest, became a parody of itself back then). They’re very good musicians (the lead guitar player is an absolute shredder) and other musicians love them. Go on YouTube and you’ll see Scott Ian, Vivian Campbell, Sebastian Bach and more performing with them. Sure, the lyrics are raunchy but so was the majority of the scene back then. It’s all about having a good time and recapturing that era. Now, KISS is my all-time favorite band. But, let’s all be honest here, their lyrics are not deep and there are myriad examples of graphic and vulgar topics (how many songs has Gene written about anal sex for Pete’s sake?). So, let’s not get on our high horse Mark. If you don’t like it, no problem. Don’t watch their show. If you’re worried about the language and the kids on the ship, any self-respecting parent wouldn’t allow their child to see the show either, right? Honestly, it seemed like a wasted opportunity to talk about something more interesting happening with KISS. For example, Gene just gave an interview with Chris Jericho on his podcast. In it, Gene confirms that KISS will continue with replacements for both he and Paul. While this isn’t a surprise to those of us close to the KISS world, especially since Paul has already put it out there, it is interesting to hear Gene chiming in about it as well. I think an interesting topic of discussion would be a comparison between a KISS that replaces Paul and Gene but never releases new music, in contrast with a new KISS that does continue to release new music. Would the former be relegated to tribute status? Would the later still be viewed as a legitimate KISS band? Or, in a related vein, should the replacements be total unknowns or musicians with a track record of performance? In any case, I enjoy the show and look forward to next Tuesday!

  • Jonathan

    Mark misses the point of Steel Panther (and, honestly, takes the Heavy Metal genre way too seriously). Steel Panther isn’t for me because they are a bit over the top, but that’s the point. They are mocking early early heavy metal innuendo by singing about the things most bands (like Kiss) hid (poorly) in lyrics. Instead of saying “She want’s a Rocket Ride,” they would say “She wants to fuck” Kiss lyrics are M for Mature (honestly, if you really listen) and Steel Panther X. Regardless, Kiss lyrics and Steel Panther lyrics are equally immature, but if you get the schtick, they can be amusing in their own right. Do I prefer Steel Panther to Kiss? No way. I can only handle about 3 minutes of Steel Panther before I get their whole image and loose interest.

    • Jonathan

      Funny, I just noticed that Mark is a huge Betty Blowtorch fan. Betty Blowtorch has songs such as “Shut up and F**k” which don’t seem far from the same lyrical themes of Steel Panther (albeit maybe Betty Blowtorch took themselves seriously; Steel Panther does not). Not sure how Mark considers one crap and another genius.

  • Mark Aldred

    Lita Ford is awesome. I have seen her and Joan Jett and I’d take Lita everytime!!!!

  • Jon Morgan

    In the video Mark refers to anyone that enjoys Steel Panther as an “idiot”. Really? He is ripping on a band that is CLEARLY not intended to be taken seriously. They are a snapshot of how it used to be. They remind us of how ridiculous the 80’s and early 90’s were. Remember Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”? How about Winger’s “17”? C’mon son! Sure, Steel Panther is more vulgar but the message is the same. And there are countless examples of 80’s metal songs that follow the same sexual innuendo formula. Steel Panther just took the innuendo part out of it 🙂 What really strikes me as hypocrytical is that Mark is a guy that blasts Steel Panther but is part of the Kiss Army. Did Mark forget about “Lick It Up” or “Love Gun”? Marks rails on Steel’s Panther’s lyrics but get real. Go read the lyrics to Lick it Up. They are so bad they could have been written by a mentally challenged squirrel. I think Mark’s head would explode if he ever heard the podcast Steel Panther did years ago with Adam Carolla where they break down Lick It Up. OMG that was hilarious! I wonder if Mark’s aware that the drummer from Steel Panther used to be Gene Simmons assistant? Music is supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to touch your emotions. Steel Panther touches the funny bone and they do it with incredible musicianship. I’m sure Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi Foxxx and Styx Zadinia would all agree that Mark needs to lighten up and get laid!