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Ep. 127 Letter By Ace Frehley Tour Promoter & Are You a Real KISS Fan?

Episode 127, May 19, 2015. Back to the Ace Frehley Well & Are You a Real KISS Fan? Why does Ace continue to do things that KISS fans discuss? It’s not just us, it is the KISS Army. We love the guy, but his actions just leave us scratching our head. This week we read and discuss a message from Ace Frehley’s Australia tour promoter regarding the meet and greets and the many complaints. We also discuss the topic of What Is a REAL KISS Fan?

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  • Lisa

    STARZ – Violation
    but really all the STARZ albums are great 🙂

  • PlasterBlaster

    Pardon my aversion to the ‘fake’book — hope you’ll see this comment nonetheless…

    You guys being from Minnesota and Michigan might remember “Trooper” – a Canadian rock band from the 70’s and 80’s that had a few hits that may have found their way across the border; “We’re Here For A Good Time” “Raise A Little Hell” “Boys in the Bright White Sports Car” were three of their more popular tunes, although I’m more partial to their harder-rocking deeper tracks. Aaaaaannnyways…

    They were pretty big up here back in the day and a few of us recently decided to go see them live at a local casino. After the show they had a FREE (!) meet’n’greet and invited fans to stop by, say hello, have some stuff signed (either new merch or otherwise) and you know what — they couldn’t have been more welcoming, Fortunately, we brought with us an old poster from their “Knock Em Dead Kid” tour for just such an occasion! Not only did they all sign the thing, but a couple of the original guys couldn’t believe that we still had this poster and that they hadn’t seen it in yeeeears. They started telling us about the photo shoot for that album cover, how the girl model on the album cover was under the age of 16 and how they had to go to the trouble of making her look older with makeup and the boxing headgear, etc…

    We spoke for awhile and I went on to share with them that being in grade 7 at the time, that concert was the first time I’d ever asked a girl out. They asked how the date went and I had to reply, “Oh, she never said ‘yes’ — I ended up having to go with a buddy.” We all had a laugh but the fact that they were genuinely interested and engaged enough to have a conversation was us is something I’ll always remember and cherish. Point is, this is an example of a band that understands how important their music is and was to their fans and how deeply it touched people’s lives.

    While it’s true that music is a business, in the end it all comes down to a mutual appreciation and respect for each other and it shouldn’t matter whether it’s a free post-show or a $400 pre-show event. Kindness and decency shouldn’t carry a price tag and I suppose how one is raised has a lot to do with it but I believe it can also be a learned trait that comes with age and maturity. Unfortunately a lot of people, “rock stars” and otherwise, just never ‘get that.’

    Anyways, my two cents — love the show, rock on….

    Kenn (PlasterBlaster)
    Calgary, Canada

  • Hey guys!! Wow….I love your show!! I just came across it a few weeks ago. And I love the laid back atmosphere, the jokes and the fun you seem to have on the show. And I love what Tommy said about going to a “Yes” meet and greet….who in the hell would want to do that?! Lol!! After watching this episode, here is my two cents. The Ace story is a perfect example of why I really don’t want to meet my guitar heroes. It would be just my luck, that I’d pay a small fortune to meet them, and they’d turn out to be an asshole. So, I feel I’m better off just sending a comment or question via Facebook, Twitter,etc. Just my opinion. Thanks guys….and keep rocking!!!

    Joe Wentz

  • geoff savage

    To answer the question Other band albums that a kiss fans might like : kings of the sun – full frontal attack!

  • keith weelands

    Loved the show guys, Listening to the end discussion about other groups KISS fans would like, being from the U.K. it was the other way round. I was a huge Slade, Sweet, T Rex, Elton John and Queen fan, then discovered KISS, Angel, Starz and Areosmith. Small world.