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Ep. 130 New KISS Book MAGIC: KISS Kronicles 1973-1983 We Speak with Ros Radley

Episode 130, June 9, 2015. Ros Radley joins us to discuss his upcoming KISS book MAGIC: KISS Kronicles 1973-1983.

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  • Guys,
    Just saw the statement regarding episode #130. Is that for real? I watched 95% of that episode and thought it was interesting. Okay, so maybe not my favorite episode, but every episode can’t be a slam dunk. I’m really feel bad if you you guys got a lot of flack for it. Personally, I LOVE the show, and always look forward to Tuesdays knowing a new episode is going to be released. My only regret is that I haven’t supported you financially thus far. I will make an effort to do so soon. I appreciate what you guys do. I don’t have anyone I can “talk Kiss” with… so watching the show really engages that part of my life. Keep up the excellent work.
    Aaron from Pittsburgh.

    PS – Have you ever tried to contact Jeannette Frehley about being on the show?

  • Val

    What happened?

  • William Figueroa

    Hi guys:

    First thing…great job on your show. I listen to it every week. I’ve been a Kiss fan since 78. I’ve seen them live 4 times: Puerto Rico 1986, 1999 and 2010; and West Palm Beach 2004. I was probably in the very few group that knew them in PR in the 70s. It’s great to listen to a show like this one. Keep it going.

    About this show, #133. I’m a Computer Engineer. Being legit and professional in your chosen profession is the main thing. Pulling this show out must have been a though call. But I can tell you this: YOU DID THE RIGHT THING. YOU DECISION WAS THE RIGHT ONE.

    Your show and your name is too important. When you support something wrong, it’s just wrong. Another podcast posted an interview with Ros Radley recently. I understand why you did it. Keep it honest guys…

    William Figueroa
    San Juan, PR