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Ep. 131 Nothin’ But This Ain’t No Spencer’s Crap, Going Back to 1974

Episode 131, June 16, 2015. Nothin’ But This Ain’t No Spencer’s Crap This Week! Mark Cicchini starts digging into boxes next to him and pulls out items going as far back as 1974! We have no idea what is next, but the stories and memories are great!

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  • Improbi

    Wow, this episode is Mike & Tommy at their most jerkiest. They seemed like two kids who have been bullied most of their lives & repeating the dark cycle by releasing their frustrations bullying on a younger kid. Poor good natured Mark.

    • You don’t get the show, that’s fine.

      • Improbi

        I get the show, I just got tired of the constant busting of Mark’s chops throughout this episode. Doesn’t sour my opinion that this the best Kiss podcast available out there.