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Ep. 136 KISS Merchandise, How Much Were They Making in 1978

Episode 136, July 28, 2015. KISS Merchandise, How Much Were They Making in 1978. We are joined by special guest Lisa Martini who a KISS collection that even impresses Mark. We discuss and analyze (like nobody else) 5 pages outlining KISS merchandise sales from 1977, 1978 and 1979. How much they made. What each merchandise license sold. Who they were in discussions with for 1979. We discuss the record contract with Casablanca Records. Over two hours of behind the scenes business documents directly from Bill Aucoin’s collection.

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  • Tony DeNeri

    Hey guys,

    I’m about halfway through the current episode and do have a few details to share with you.

    The person signing the May 1975 Kiss Songs contract is Richard S. Trugman. Not sure if he was an in-house lawyer at Casablanca. More likely he was an outside attorney that Bogart had on retainer to do heavy lifting on all legal matters. Trugman was one of the original directors of Cafe Americana Inc., along with Larry Harris and Mauri Lathower. Cafe Americana was Casablanca’s ASCAP publishing designee. Side note, Rick’s Music was their BMI company..

    And Paul Stanley is signing as an authorized signatory of Kiss Songs, He is signing obo all the members of Kiss (i.e., there is a single contract covering the entire band’s songwriting), and the May 1975 agreement (among other things) provides for revised copyright ownership and administration rights in and to the band members’ shares of compositions written or co-written by them and contained on albums through and including RnR Over. After that, from Love Gun on, Cafe Americana no longer co-publishes..


    • Michael

      Tony thank you so much for your input. Sounds like you might have worked with or around Casablanca back in the day?