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Ep. 140 Joe Perry When Asked If He Auditioned for KISS, No Comment

Episode 140, August 25, 2015. Three amazing discussions this week: new evidence that Vinnie Vincent may have actually saved KISS. Neil Peart of Rush disses KISS. And… Eddie Trunk on why Ace Frehley won’t be back in KISS. Oh and something about Joe Perry!

Hirsh Gardner –
New England –

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  • SanMarcosMike

    Concerning the R&R HOF (and your discussion about Eddie Trunk’s comments), I’d have to agree with Paul Stanley. It’s undeniable that the Hall elitists dislike KISS, much like Rolling Stone magazine, and they begrudgingly gave admittance to the band because it was becoming much too apparent that their exclusion was unfounded. Just like Rush and Alice Cooper, their induction into the Hall was far too late and proves the bias against hard rock bands of that ilk.

    As Paul has pointed out in interviews, how is it that so many members of the E Street Band or the Grateful Dead (or other acts that are virtually unknown to the general public) get acceptance while KISS is restricted to the four original members? It’s because the Hall wanted to give the least amount of accolades to KISS and put Paul and Gene in a position that they knew, yes they knew, that the band would have a very hard time reconciling. That is, restrict the inductees to Paul, Gene, Ace and Peter because they knew Ace and Peter were no longer welcomed to perform with KISS, especially in make-up! And, with the band doing extremely well with the current lineup, it really wouldn’t serve the KISS brand to put a fat Ace and feeble Peter on stage.

    I do disagree with Eddie Trunk that it would have been “magic” to see the original four members perform one more time. As much as I love KISS (hands down, my favorite band!), I don’t want to see Ace and Peter ruin their legacies any further. Actually, I think Paul is several years beyond his time with his deteriorated voice too. Honestly, I think it would’ve been anticlimactic and possibly a train wreck. With a band as successful as KISS that has endured for 40 years with several lineup changes, it’s only natural that there will be different camps with differing preferences about the music and the members. So, it’s okay if Eddie Trunk thinks it would’ve been magic for one more reunion performance. It’s fine if Crazy Nights is Michael Brandvold’s favorite album. It’s that passion that fueled the KISS Army and the band itself for all this time.

    I haven’t heard anyone else mention this idea, but how cool would it have been to see some of hard rock’s royalty put on KISS makeup and perform KISS songs (future TSOC topic)? The line of musicians who love KISS and wanted to perform in makeup in front of the band themselves would have been mighty long! And, it would have been a big middle finger to the Hall elitists to see how much KISS is loved and how wrong it was for them to be snubbed for so long. Just imagine Bruce Springsteen in the Starchild makeup (okay, maybe that’s a stretch)!

    Paul was right that they didn’t need the HOF membership but they owed it to their fans who had been fighting so hard to get them admitted. Watch his induction speech again because he says it perfectly. The fans deserve a larger voice, especially since we’re the ones that buy the tickets! Perhaps with the help of “respected” artists like Tom Morello, and the inductions of other hard rock acts like AC/DC, Rush and Alice Cooper, and now KISS, that voice will be heard.