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Ep. 144 Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Talks About His Feud with Paul Stanley

Episode 144, September 22, 2015. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Talks About His Feud with Paul Stanley. Hold on! Dee Snider opens up about the feud with Paul Stanley and when it started.  Can there be peace between the two of them? He fills us in on how big of a KISS fan he is. He talks about his feelings towards Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer. He shares a couple great Gene Simmons stories. What does he think will happen if the SMF and KISS Army were to meet on a battlefield?

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  • SanMarcosMike

    I discovered Twisted Sister on MTV in 1983 with the video for You Can’t Stop Rock ‘n’ Roll. I immediately bought the album of the same name and absolutely loved it. At that time I was a senior in high school and had been a KISS fan for about six years. So, I was very excited to see a new band (Motley Crue was another) that reminded me of my favorite group that had been in decline. There was also a feeling of vindication in being a KISS fan because these new “cooler” groups were clearly influenced by them.
    Fast forward to present day and we can see how both bands have a history of ups and downs that is very similar. There are many parallels in the evolution of their music, their fans, their successes, their failures, and more. But, the one outstanding difference that I find most appealing is the authenticity that Dee Snider has always brought to the table. Compared with the canned answers and hyperbole that have always spewed from the KISS camp, and that we’ve all come to know so well, Dee is genuine to a fault. Sure, he’s outspoken but he’s also very self-deprecating and will admit when he’s wrong and remain open to other options. Does Paul Stanley?
    Perhaps the greatest testament to the character of Dee Snider was his willingness to attend the PMRC/Senate music censorship hearing. Not only did he show up, he slayed them! Listen to his podcast to recount the story because it’s still a momentous event that speaks to his courage and make-up (pun intended). Can you envision Paul or Gene at that time having the same balls? Maybe now that they’re so much older with more credentials as rock “legends” would they even consider it. But, back then it was Dee as the lone representative of hard rock and metal with only Frank Zappa and John Denver (yes, that’s correct) making up the rest of the defense. To say that the odds were stacked against them would be a huge understatement.
    So, why did Paul Stanley decide to go out of his way to criticize and ridicule Dee Snider and Twisted Sister in 2015? One of the fun things about YouTube is that you can now see so many interviews from the past, and it turns out that Paul is being consistent with his character. The videos and interviews prove that he’s always had a chip on his shoulder, is very moody, and thinks very highly of himself. Granted, I love KISS as my favorite band of all time, hands down. And, I love Paul Stanley as the Starchild and great frontman and songwriter. He seems to be able to enjoy himself more now than in years gone by but the bitterness can still surface very quickly as it did with his comments on the Chris Jericho podcast. So, if anything, his comments were more revealing of his true character and have proven to be an opportunity for free publicity for Dee Snider who is handling it exceptionally well.
    I’ve seen all of your episodes guys and this is easily one of my favorites. Dee is a great interview and worthy of a repeat episode. It would’ve been great for Mark to have shown some of his TS merch to Dee while he was being interviewed because it does show just how much of a connection there is between the bands. Too bad there actually couldn’t be a KISS/Twisted tour with only original members involved. I for one would be first in line to buy those tickets!