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Ep. 161 All The Best of KISS

Episode 161, January 19, 2016. The best of KISS, everything we love… Albums, Costume, Live Album, Lyrics, Songs, Videos, Concerts, Stages, Tour Books, Merch, T-shirts, DVDs, TV Appearance, And… Lisa brings it with the best Paul Stanley impersonation.

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  • Improbi

    Wow, phenomenal episode! Lisa definitely deserves accolades for her award winning, full box of tissue performance. Love her input into the show. She supplies alot of missing aspects TSOTC did not have before, the female, hardcore KISS fan view, documents on the inner workings of the band & unreserved enthusiasm of the band that’s just makes me want to go back immediately after the show & listen to some KISS albums. Thanks to Mark for scouting out this hellcat & bringing her on to the show. Definitely a top ten episode.