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Ep. 164 Eddie Trunk is Back to Talk All About Ace Frehley

Episode 164, February 9, 2016. Eddie Trunk is Back to Talk All About Ace Frehley. Eddie shares many stories from time working at Megaforce Records… seeking out and signing Ace Frehley to his solo record deal. Recording the debut album and the debate between it being a band album or a Ace album. The disaster that was Second Sighting, what happened to cause the album to fail. Eddie was full of many Ace stories! Welcome of our Ace Frehley special!

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    Here is my Mate Brett’s Comment > Re: Eddie Trunk on why Ace Frehley won’t be back in Kiss 8.10.2015 – YouTube…

    Eddie Trunk is a tosser. He is one of the main instigators causing a lot of the Ace vs Gene/Paul crap.
    He sucks up to Ace…loads the bullets, yanks Ace’s strings and then sets him loose. He has done it so many times.


    SPACE ACE !!!