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Ep. 165 Paul Stanley Wants to Record a New Album, Not a KISS Album

Episode 165, February 16, 2016. Variety of KISS topics this week including: a review of the Oklahoma KISS show by Lisa Martini. Declaring February the month of KISS Krazies! Showing two new Gold RIAA award that Michael received. A email from David Snowden with further details about the Lick It Up cover, including what Vinnie Vincent himself said about the cover photo. And… Paul Stanley wants to record another album, but not a KISS album.

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    Vinnie again owns the trademark for the Fox & Ankh make up. Gene & Paul obviously have no interest

    in them or else they would have snapped them up. Vinnie owned the fox make up trade mark several years ago

    That’s why KISS used Eric’s original first make up design on the Creatures McFarlane figures years ago and not proper design.

    Vinnie then let the trademark lapse and just recently it seems he has re-registered them.

    Here’s links to the US Patents info. One has more info than the other.


    What I find really weird though about that cover is …Why have I never ever seen another picture of Vinnie with that shape face…?????
    That face is strange…
    Also why would they change the colour of Pauls watch face from white to black for the final cover…////???


    Peter’s makeup on Dynasty is the only false one with touch ups and changed drastically… To think everything has been touched up is just delusional…

    • Every single cover has been touched up, you just have no idea of the reality of photos and covers. Give it a rest.

      • Slikk O’Rikk

        Hey Mike, just noticed the additional place to comment. Keep up the great work Love Three Sides of The Coin!


    The first KISS album is NOT touched up….