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Ep. 176 Road Crew Member Mark Jay Takes Us Back to the Animalize & Asylum Tours

Episode 176, May 3, 2016. This week we are joined by Mark Jay, who as a employee of Showco in the 1980s toured with KISS on the Animalize and Asylum tours as part of the sound crew. Mark’s very first tour ever was Animalize. Mark talks about how he could his foot in the door as a crew member, how he ended up on the KISS tours, doing on stage monitors for KISS and their opening acts; including Queensryche, Dokken, Krokus, WASP and Black N Blue. He share the tragic story of a crew member falling to his death on the Animalize tour. He shares how Gene Simmons would get his attention when he didn’t like the monitor mix. He shares just how much he was making on the road with KISS. Curious about the road crew, give this a listen!

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