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Ep. 201 We are Joined by THE GODZ, Not Us The Band

Episode 201, October 25, 2016. This week the show are joined by THE GODZ, not us the band. Specifically Eric Moore from the band THE GODZ. Eric shares his memories of being on Casablanca Records, KISS, THE ANGELS and more. We also discuss the end of LA KISS football which leads into a discussion of collecting KISS.

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  • Brad

    I bought ‘Maiden Japan’ because of the cover when it was on display at the music store in the nearby mall. The Maiden Japan display was multi-tiered and positioned at the entry to the music store so it was the first thing you saw when you entered. I still remember (and can still picture it in my mind) how cool the cover was. I hadn’t heard any Maiden before that but knew they had to be bad-assed with cover art like that. I had no money that day so was reduced to waiting a week or so until my Mom made a trip to the mall. I asked her to pick up a cassette of Maiden Japan for me. That night when she got home, I popped it in and put on the headphones. As soon as Paul DiAnno said ‘Want you to sing for me’ followed by the 100 mile an hour drum intro to running free – I was hooked. Been a Maiden fan ever since.