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Ep. 231 Gilda Caserta Talks about Running KISS CENTRAL From 1988 to 1992

KISS Launches KISS Central in 1988 and We Speak with Gilda Caserta Who Ran It.

Episode 231, May 30, 2017. Who remembers when KISS started KISS Central in 1988? It was a way to sort of organize and support the many fan clubs and fanzines at the time. Gilda Caserta was hired by KISS to run KISS Central. Gilda is a big KISS fan and shares her amazing stories and memories from 1988 to 1992. Her story of being interviewed by Gene is worth the price of admission all by itself! Or her story of when Gene called her mom at home. We are stepping up to the plate and pointing to the bleachers in the outfield… this is a home run! And this is only part one of Gilda’s story, part two involves running the Rock Soldiers fan club for Ace Frehley!

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