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Ep. 238 It’s A Great Time to Be a KISS Fan!

The Birth of a Brand New KISS Fan!

Episode 238, July 25, 2017. Nothing but our personal KISS stories this week! Mark saw KISS in Chicago and Michael and Tommy saw them in Hinckley, MN. We all concluded that this is a great time to be a KISS fan! Michael says his story about taking his three old daughter to her first concert, a KISS concert! How she met the band, got a big hug from Paul Stanley and then how he witnessed the birth of a brand new KISS fan! Tommy shares a great story of Will meeting Gene and asking him about the back of the Love Gun cover and then shares a very personal story of giving Gene Simmons some artwork that he a childhood friend created back in 1977. Don’t miss this week’s show… this is what being a KISS fan is all about!

You definitely want to watch this week’s show as we share some personal photos and a video of Michael’s daughter seeing KISS in concert for the very first time.

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