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Ep. 4 The KISS Producers on Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #4 we discuss the KISS producers; Bob Ezrin, Eddie Kramer, Paul Stanley, Toby Wright, Ron Nevison and others. Did Bob Ezrin breakup KISS?

  • I have to admit — I’ve played the musical producers game so many times with every other band I am a fan of but NEVER even thought of doing it with KISS. I’ve always just thought of them as “I’m happy to have what they gave me”. This is a GREAT topic sure to cause many excellent arguments between me and my friends.

    All three of you eluded to the KISS sound many times, but they changed producers many times through the years so that is a compliment to the members of the band for managing to create a sound uniquely their own in spite of who helmed the boards. I know it is an unpopular opinion, but I believe that have, indeed, had a sound that has followed them through their forty year history. I just don’t believe they could have maintained such an enormous fan base without some unifying appeal.

    Carnival should never have been so ignored. That had more potential for KISS than any album even since. It was just so powerful. What I haven’t heard you guys say yet is that it doesn’t matter that KISS follows the fad (they certainly do) but once they get there they succeed in doing what ever fad it is better than any band out there. Shouldn’t that count for something guys?

    I got in actual fist fights for standing up for the Elder. I was proud to do it though because I felt like that album was KISS doing an audio comic book. Most bands couldn’t possibly have gotten away with that, but they took advantage of a perk that they had.