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Ep. 72 Paul Stanley Face The Music A Life Exposed, Our Thoughts

Episode 72, April 22, 2014 we give two thumbs up to Paul Stanley’s new book Face The Music A Life Exposed. Our favorite moments in the book. What impressed us the most. What does Paul have to say about Gene Simmons. We also begin the show by discussing a fan comment that lead us into talking about the “magic”. What is magic to each of us.

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  • Bob

    Michael & Tommy,

    I stumbled across one of your episodes on You Tube a couple months ago and I’ve been watching most of them each week ever since. I skipped the one about Paul’s book because I wanted to read it first. I just finished the book today and watched the episode and felt the urge to leave a comment.

    First off, a brief background on myself. I was born the month the Destroyer tour commenced, so needless to say, I missed out on the make-up era. When I was about 9 years old, I moved to a new school and quickly became friends with a guy in my class. He took me over to his house and showed me his brother’s KISS collection. I was instantly hooked and from that point forward spent countless hours catching up on everything I missed out on over the previous 12 or so years. This was around the time of Asylum, however I was all about the makeup era KISS. My favorite member was Gene, followed closely by ACE, then Peter, then lastly Paul. I was a fanatic about all things KISS (make up era). When they announced the original band was reuniting, I was beside myself. I never thought I’d get a chance to see the original lineup, in make up! I camped outside all night to buy tickets and scored some 6th row seats. I clearly remember standing there, anxiously awaiting the curtain to go up and my childhood heroes to appear right in front of my eyes. I wasn’t disappointed. There they were…Ace, Gene, Paul and Peter. It was awesome!

    I eagerly awaited the new studio album, with the original lineup. I bought it the day it came out, took it home and listened to it beginning to end. I honestly have not listened to it since. I thought it was awful and it was painfully obvious that Ace and Peter were not really on the album. Yes, I was expecting another Dressed to Kill or Destroyer, so my expectations were way to high, but still, it was a weak effort. Then, Ace and Peter were out of the band again to be replaced by Eric and Tommy (wearing Ace and Peter’s makeup!!). That was it for me. I vowed never to attend another show or buy another album again.

    (Homework) Paul’s Book – wow. This book opened my eyes. Having read all four members’ books, I have to say that my perceptions of the members has changed. This was the biggest “wow” factor for me after reading Paul’s book. Clearly, Ace and Peter are two of the biggest screw ups in rock history. I already knew how the two of them pissed away their original fortune earned from the band, but the way they self destructed for a second time after the reunion tour just blew me away. I am a hobby guitar player myself and have played in a few bands over the years and I understand completely how incredibly frustrating it would be playing with guys that don’t bother to learn the songs, screw them up consistently every night, show up late, make ridiculous demands, etc….Especially considering they were down and out and basically made millionaires again overnight. I no longer blame Paul and Gene for dumping Ace and Peter again and bringing Eric and Tommy in to replace them. Ace and Peter contributed greatly to the band’s original success, but ultimately blew it.

    Anyway, sorry for my rambling message. I’ve never posted a message before but wanted to share my thoughts on Paul’s book. I also want to let you know I enjoy watching the episodes and, to be honest, they have rekindled my interest in KISS again. I find myself listening to the albums KISS though Creatures alot lately. I’ve heard you guys talk about Monster and Sonic Boom quite abit and I think I’ll have to break my vow and check them out. Keep up the good work.