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Ep. 77 We Open a Big Ace Frehley Can of Worms

Episode 77, May 27, 2014. We open up a BIG Ace Frehley can of worms that will sure have us labeled as haters, again! Is Ace right in his trash talk of Peter Criss, Tommy Thayer and Paul Stanley. Are the fans right in thinking Ace can trash talk, but Paul can’t? We also discuss KISS on American Idol, Tommy Thayer signing a autograph F**k The Haters, the cover of Ace Frehley’s Space Invader album and Paul Stanley’s comments about his voice problems.

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  • Loved the episode, love KISS (all of them), and I love you guys (in a platonic way of course)… But I have to respectfully disagree with you concerning trash talk on ACE’s part… There is only so much anyone should have to take before it becomes justified to fire back… Like you said, ACE made all valid points, and his concert prowess in his latter years has yet to be seen… But the man has been bashed relentlessly by the other camp… He is just now starting to defend his own honor with the same intensity that has been handed to him negatively for so many years.

    Let’s face it. I think we can all agree that he held back “big time” when he wrote his book… Yet he was still called anti-semetic, un-employable… etc. etc… ad nauseum…

    I heard you say that you thought it was refreshing that Paul finally spoke his mind… I agree… But I find this refreshing as well… Maybe even a bit more so…

    Just my opinion.

  • Rich

    I think, in some ways, you guys are missing the point about the difference between Ace and Paul with regards to their comments about one another. Paul makes more damning personal comments in general – such as Ace being antisemitic and questionable about whether he can read (yeah, from Paul’s book stop in San Francisco); his remarks are more often far more disparaging. Ace has been taking it and taking it from Gene and Paul for years and years – throwing him under the bus in a personal and untruthful way – such as references to Ace’s continued drug/alcohol use even though he’s been clean and sober for 7-8 years – yet Gene will say anything regardless of whether it is accurate. So Ace says he will blow Thayer away and references Paul’s vocal challenges. Those comments PALE in comparison to the comments of Gene and Paul. So, please don’t put Ace in the same discussion as far as how outrageous each other comments are. There is no comparison. Ace, if anything, responds to the regular put downs from Paul and Gene. I’m not Ace fan more than I am a Paul or Gene fan. Tommy Thayer makes some remarks about f-u to the haters because, as you say, he’s sick of being put down. So is Ace.

    • Michael

      No I don’t think we missed the point. It’s not about judging which comment is worse, they are all making low blows at each other now. They are all wrong in that aspect. But, Ace is completely entitled to say whatever he wants. We never said Ace shouldn’t speak. It has been about the fans who say this guy is worse than that guy, this guy is entitled make low blows, but this guy isn’t. If all those comments Ace said came out of Paul’s mouth I can promise you Ace fans would be screaming bloody murder at Paul.

      • It’s Peyton Place for sure… Everyone is going after everyone else… But if you look back at an Ace/Eddie trunk interview just a few months before the Hall of Fame induction, you will hear Ace having nothing but nice things to say about the other camp (well, almost). He even went as far as to say “I trust them”… Then what happens next? … He gets reamed a new one with a whole new slew of insults…

        So the million dollar questions remains… Does Ace now get a pass?… To be completely honest, In my opinion I think he does. Because this escalating war or words has been very one sided to this point… I see it as character self-defense if nothing else.