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Ep. 81 What If Eric Carr Had Never Died?

Episode 81, June 24, 2014. We discuss a couple viewer emails… WHAT IF… Eric Carr had never died. Would Revenge have been recorded? Would the reunion tour still happen? Would Eric Carr return to the band after Peter left? Would Eric wear the Fox makeup or the Cat makeup? This leads into some discussion about how we each felt about KISS during the 80’s, well actually starting with The Elder. And… Mark Cicchini returns to share some very rare KISS buttons and badges from his collection.

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  • dennis

    Hi Mike, hi Tommy! Interesting topic here. It reminds me of the old Marvel “What If” comic book series.
    By all accounts, from my understanding Eric Carr was really troubled by the fact that he wasn’t the original drummer for KISS and struggled with replacing Peter. He apparently mentioned this to a lot of people he was close to, so if he was asked to wear Peter’s design, I’m not so sure he would. Although, I do think in the end, as Mike said, the payday might have been the deciding factor here, as it probably was the first time around.
    I might be in the minority here, but I always liked Eric’s fox makeup a lot more than Peter’s whiskers. I just think it’s too cute or something, the fox seemed “tougher” looking to me in some way.
    Good show, guys!

  • Metal batman

    Hey guys,
    Interesting topic. I am a huge Eric Carr fan, but I respect
    Michael’s opinion on this. Eric was a hired hand. It’s too bad
    He was treated that way because he had a cool voice and had some
    Nice song ideas ” eyes of love”. I think revenge would have still
    Happened as is. Kiss we’re back to a rawer heavy sound, but I
    Still think they were chasing trends a bit (as usual)since music was getting heavier
    Like with Pantera etc. I think Eric would have eventually left Kiss. All
    Things I have read was he was unhappy in his role. He probably would
    Have returned for money at some point, but not in Peter make up. Kiss would
    Have used it as marketing thing…”the return of the fox”. Eric may have been
    “Just a drummer” but fans were very receptive to him and still are. When I got
    Into kiss in 1986…..he was the man…..all I knew of. So crank up “rock n roll hell”
    And hear the true power, quality, and taste he added to the band. Thx

  • John

    I have not played this podcast. I think if Eric Carr had never died and remained with KISS that after the unplugged show, KISS would have returned to makeup with two drummers. Peter would get to perform Beth and Nothing to Lose. They would drum together, much like Peter and Eric Singer on unplugged. Maybe they would do some crazy dueling drum solo with the drum kits rising up and down. I think they could have shared the stage.

  • mel schnurpel

    i have to disagree with you guys simply because both paul and gene both describes eric as a ‘good’ guy. they have NEVER had anything negative to say about eric, which in its self means a lot as far as what they thought about the man. they claimed he never missed a practice or a show. this says a lot for eric as well. he was a very dedicated and loyal person of this band. he would have wore a tu-tu and a bikini if it was asked of him. i don’t believe he would have had an issue with it. i know that paul and gene made most of the bands decisions, i am certain eric had very little impact on those decisions. he knew this is the way it was going to be from the beginning. none of that seemed to matter to him. he loved the band as much as paul and gene and would have done whatever would have been best for the band. i don’t know where these rumors of he was getting tired of the band or sick of this or that are coming from, i have never heard of them til reading here. but eric was a team player and would have donned the cat outfit without any problem. everyone would have known it was eric, even with him portraying peter criss. everyone knew what songs peter criss was there for as well.
    i was a kiss fan from the mid 70’s on. i am 50 years old now and still love them. i can remember it was a crushing blow when they got rid of peter criss. i didnt give eric a chance. i went to a concert in the 90’s i think it was, and when they all walked out of the sphinx heads, i was like oh yeah, this is going to rock. i didnt give eric his due even then. it wasn’t til his passing that it dawned on me what an ass i had been and truly saw the loss that rock and roll took with his passing. he played nearly as long a peter criss and was just as amazing looking back. the band has took all kind of negative crap from people over the years and yet, every album they have at least 1 song make the charts. they remind me of the Jamaican Bobsledding team. they were laughed at for years,but they still put out a hit album after album fortunately eric was a large part of this and the world lost a very talented musician when he passed.