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Ep. 82 What If… KISS Took the Makeup Off for Unmasked? Would They Become a Pop Band?

Episode 82, July 1, 2014. We continue with What If… we start by discussing what if KISS used the Creatures of the Night costumes for The Elder, would the album have been seen as a heavier album? Then the discussion surprised us both by leading into What if… KISS took off the makeup for Unmasked? Would the path they followed lead them to be a Pop band and loose their heavy metal and hard rock feel? And… Mark Cicchini returns to share some very rare KISS Unmasked promotional items.

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  • dennis

    Wow, I have to really hand it to Tommy…as he was explaining the segue from Unmasked to Crazy Nights, I was picturing it in my head and I think my brain popped at the same time Michael’s did!
    It completely makes sense and I could see them falling in line with the Adam Ant/New Wave pop movement. I think the Elder costumes would have worked for this possible era in Kisstory, as the sleek, streamlined design was pretty much representative of what was going on in the post punk scene and new wave scene at the time. Therefore, they wouldn’t have to remove the makeup until Crazy Nights, possibly resulting in that album charting, most likely with Reason to Live.
    I would definitely miss Creatures and Lick it Up had they not happened, but I think it would make me an even bigger fan of Revenge.
    Freaking fun show, guys!