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Ep. 85 Tonight We Turn the Microphone Over to Tommy Sommers, Shock Me!

Episode 85, July 22, 2014. Tommy Sommers has something he needs to get off his chest this week so we turn the microphone over to Tommy. Tommy asks why Motley Crue can do new and exciting things on tour and KISS is still doing the same show night after night. We also discuss the poll to select a KISS set list and how the truth was revealed that Ace Frehley fans really want Tommy Thayer to play Fractured Mirror and sing 2000 Man and Rocket Ride in concert. Those three songs made the top 10 songs voted on my fans. Mark Cicchini this week shares some collectible KISS books from the 70s.

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  • dennis

    I listen to quite a few podcasts regarding KISS and yours was my favorite, but it just seems to bring me down when I tune in now, when it didn’t before. I’m a pretty positive guy, so the constant back and forth between you guys and some of the listeners really can mess up a good thing. It seems whenever you two mention Ace or Peter, you accompany it with some comment to feed the trolls and can’t just leave things be and have a normal discussion anymore.
    I know that it goes both ways, but maybe just being the bigger party and letting shit roll is the better thing to do for the show, because the episodes are starting to get overshadowed by all the drama.
    It’s actually becoming a lot more annoying than the Hall of Fame drama that was going on for so long that you guys complained about, so how about just talking about KISS, because there are some of us that dont care about who is wearing what anymore.

  • Rich Nelson

    Best part of this show – talking about how Kiss hasn’t evolved much, if at all, since the reunion tour was over – if not since 1979. Kiss likes to place themselves at the top of the “entertainment mountain”. They talk a good game for the promotion of an upcoming tour, but do not walk the walk. Even with the legitimate concerns about Paul Stanley, Kiss should work harder to up the ante in some capacity for each subsequent tour. Tommy, of course you will not walk away from the Kiss show feeling as strong as you did about the Motley tour. You know exactly what you will (not) get from Kiss. I like the credit you give Motley Crue even though I am not a huge fan of theirs for trying to improve the concert experience even though they do not have to to probably sell the same amount of tickets. I believe Kiss is complacent and focuses more on managing the profits of a tour rather than how to improve the fan experience. I realized a long time ago they are businessmen first. They know putting on makeup and adding Def Leppard is probably enough to get close to a sellout. I gave up on Kiss long since the reunion tour. I honestly don’t know what the draw is to keep on going to every tour of theirs knowing exactly what you are going to get. Motley is passionate about going out on top and proving it with the kind of tour the do. Kiss settles because they know they can. Thanks Tommy.

  • comicgeekdad

    Hi guys Comicgeekdad here. I posted a reply on I think episode 79 (Eric Singer’s can of Worms) regarding being kind of disillusioned with Kiss, regarding the legacy left behind in the wake of the reunion tour and Kiss going from being a band to a Corporation. I did want to say I think your podcast rocks. I also wanted to say I hope the voting for your poll goes a lot more smoothly this time. I voted four songs instead of five, War Machine, Unholy, Journey of 1000 years, and I. The first two I got to hear in the 2004 set list for Rock The Nation in Virginia Beach, the latter two are just favorite tunes off of those respective albums. The problem with Journey is it’s probably a set opener, and I well Tommy would really need to come up with a Solo for it. You guys keep doing what you are doing…and I will talk to ya later.