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Ep. 86 Ace Frehley Space Invader a Track By Track Review

Episode 86, July 29, 2014. Ace Frehley’s new album Space Invader landed in our inboxes so this week we do a track by track review. Our first impressions of our first listen. We discuss what is outstanding, what misses the mark and rate the album on a scale of 1 to 10. Mark Cicchini this week catches up with his Music from the Elder part one collectibles.

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  • Rich Nelson

    Great review; you can’t get this kind of an in-depth review for an album anywhere. So kudos to you guys for even taking the time to disseminate any record to this degree. For an artist like Ace Frehley, even though I have not heard a lick of this album, if there are 6 “strong, really strong” (Tommy) songs, it is more that I could have expected. For me, there is no such thing as an Ace record (or any record for that matter) where I really like 3 out of every 4 songs. But, as Tommy put so well, if ANY record has 4 really, really great songs, it is a record of great accomplishment. Unless Ace’s vocals took a really ugly turn, in comparison to other records, I cannot be that disappointed because Ace was never (and never will be) a vocalist whose vocals take any song to another level – or any level for that matter :-). He is going to have to over-achieve elsewhere (guitar, tone, notes, melody, riffs, etc.) to make a song of his “strong”. Clearly, he has done that. So, congrats to Ace for even bothering to make a record, much less a record with songs you can tell he put everything he had into making most of them as good as he thinks he could have. I can tell by the body language and comments that several of these songs exceeded your greatest expectations prior to listening. Thanks guys!

  • John Flynn


    Just listened to your Ace review show. Glad you guys had the chance to hear it early. Just like most KISS fans, the best thing is still following the original guys in whatever their current endeavors are. Whether it is Gene and Paul with there roles in keeping KISS alive or news about Peter and Ace. Although I have not heard it yet and have preordered it, it is Ace. Ace not singing some of his own songs would be disappointing. What we love about the founding members is their originality both in character, personality and distinct vocal contributions. Ace’s vocals, even though not always polished or great, still make it Ace, which is as much a trademark of Ace as his great guitar work. Another vocalist would ruin it for me and I would definitely skip the songs Ace was not the lead on (as I do on all the other albums he has put out). Although better singers at times, it would be like having a Gene or Paul solo album and not having them sing lead on a song. Its just not what I would want to hear. Can’t wait to get it. Love the show. Have seen them all and enjoy it.

    Thanks for doing them!