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Ep. 89 KISS Roadie Ken Barr Talks About His Day Teching for Eric Singer

Episode 89, August 19, 2014. We are joined by Ken Barr, author of We Are The Road Crew. Ken was Eric Singer’s drum tech prior to the reunion tour. Ken has also teched for Debbie Gibson and Alice Cooper. Ken shares stories from the road, such as the last show by Faster Pussycat on the Revenge tour. He talks about what a tech does on the road, who they work for. Ken also talks about how loyal Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are. This is minutiae from the road. Mark Cicchini is back with no Spencer’s crap, this week he shares some religious protest collectibles.

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  • Chris Polk

    Really enjoyed this episode. I didnt even realize it almost hit the two hour mark. Time went real fast. Loved hearing Ken’s experiences on the road. I thought you guys asked great questions, not just about KISS but what its like to be apart of a road crew in general. These guys work their tails off day and night so we can enjoy a kick ass show. And for that, I am grateful. If you guys could pull off the road crew roundtable that would be great. I would definately be interested in that episode.

    I just downloaded the 3SidesApp and its pretty damn cool. Very easy to use. Ive always watched the episodes on YouTube. But I just purchased a bluetooth headset and wanted to try it out on my phone. I didnt think I would like hearing the show. Probably because I always watched the episodes. But I gotta say I really enjoyed it. Plus if I ever have any down time at work I can always pull up the app and listen to previous shows. Guess I should go rate the app now. ha ha

    Keep up the great work guys. Will definately be listening to this episode again. Right up there with the Brynn Arens episode. ha ha