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Ep. 93 Author & KISS Fan Chuck Klosterman Plus the Crazy World of Ace Frehley

Episode 93, September 16, 2014. We are joined by author & KISS fan Chuck Klosterman. We kick off the show discussing the crazy world of Ace Frehley… his talk of reuniting with KISS, what is going on with a Ace Frehley solo tour and the conversation his fiance Rachael Gordon had with Gordon Gebert. With Chuck we have a smart and so intelligent conversation about KISS… being a fan, the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, so much more including was Creatures of the Night actually a attempt by KISS to be something they weren’t. Mark ends the show in his This Isn’t Spencer’s Crap segment looking at a reunion item he acquired by a member of the crew some beer.

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  • Rich Nelson


    I may be in the minority, but I cannot watch your podcast anymore. Remember last episode how you confirmed deleting all of your Ted Nugent music as a result of his political views – because he crossed the line way too far? Good for you. That was not only brave of you to do, but even more brave to confirm it on your podcast. I understand it is not possible to associate oneself to certain figures when they either so polarizing, racist, insulting and/or sexist. I have issues with people like Rush Limbaugh who is in the same boat as Ted Nugent, but arguably worse in many respects. Well, your newest podcast member, Mark Cicchini, has Limbaugh posted as one his favorites on his Facebook page. I immediately lost too much respect for Mark and am moving on. I’m sure Mark is a nice guy in many respects and good family man, but I don’t associate myself with people who align themselves with figures who behave as outrageously as Nugent and Limbaugh do. Am I saying Mark is every bit the same as Limbaugh? Of course not. How would I know, but he aligns himself enough with Limbaugh’s views to put him as a favorite. Again, thanks for standing up against Nugent and not separating figures like this from the music you (used to) listen to. I cannot watch or listen to Mark and separate his admiration for Limbaugh any different than you can separate yourself from listening to Nugent’s music.

    Good luck with your show. I’ll miss it.

    Rich Nelson

  • Mike Johnson

    This show has completely gone downhill since 1. The addition of mark and 2. that shitty stunt you pulled pretending he quit how bogus is it to fake something like that to get attention views etc. You guys cry bitch and moan about people almost half your “episodes” now. Lost a viewer for good.

    • Michael

      I have a serious question for you… since show 99 is when we joked about Mark quitting and we haven’t posted any new shows since then…. HOW is it possible to go downhill? Do you want to cry, bitch and moan about something else that makes more sense? Don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.

  • Marco

    Here’s a conversation starter, Ace Frehley should be back in Kiss (nothing against Tommy Thayer), but forget Peter Criss. Peter simply cannot play well enough anymore and hasn’t been able to since 1979 with his decline starting in 1977. Eric Singer is a great Kiss drummer.

    Ace on the other hand, still has a lot to offer musically and his playing has never being an issue. The truth is that the quintessential element of the Kiss sound, is the combination of Ace Frehley and Paul Stanley’s guitar sounds. Its the sort of intangible magic you cannot put your finger on.

    A Frehley, Simmons, Stanley & Singer lineup would be exciting. Go to Youtube and check out Kiss live in Tokyo 2001 if you need convincing..

    That line up, including Ace, was on fire. The closest you’d get to the original lineup at the peak of their powers. I know its subjective, but Space Invader is a superior album to any Kiss album post reunion, which leads top my final point.

    Kiss have nothing left to prove and I doubt their finances are an issue. So I’d like to see them focus exclusively on music, their art and make one more great rock and roll record with the above mentioned lineup, with a full contribution from Ace.

    They should do it with a Producer and I would suggest Dave Grohl. The producer should have the sort of control Ezrin had and choose the best songs for the album, no matter who’s they are. I wonder how many songs Paul, Gene and Ace would get on the album in that scenario? . .
    . .