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Ep. 94 Brett Bouchy Bares All on LA KISS, 4th and Loud, Music and Football

Episode 94, September 23, 2014. Brett Bouchy Managing Partner of the LA KISS from the Arena Football League joins us to bare all about team, 4th and Loud the AMC reality series, the music business (in a heated and passionate conversation), the business of football, the recent Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson events in the NFL and what it is like to work with Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley. Mark ends the show in his This Ain’t Spencer’s Crap segment with a couple very early and rare letter from the promoter, Bill Graham, regarding the early Winterland shows.

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  • SanMarcosMike

    Hey Guys,
    I just started listening/watching for the past few weeks and this was your best show in my opinion. Brett was an engaging guest with thoughtful and spirited answers which always makes for a better interview. I also enjoyed the fact that I attended the same KISS/Crue show in Arizona as Brett! It’s hard to remember too much from 1983, but Eric Carr was awesome on the drums. I seem to recall knowing about Too Fast For Love prior to that concert, but I could be wrong. In any case, it was a perfect pairing for those two bands.

    As far as the L.A. Kiss, I think it’s being executed poorly. I realize that Gene firmly believes that anything he puts his name on, or KISS’ in this case, is a viable investment but it’s not true. First of all, no grown man, especially a football player, wants to play for a team called the KISS. There are plenty of other KISS-related names that would work better like Destroyers, War Machine, etc. Heck, even Kissteria is better than just KISS. All of the other entertainment value associated with a KISS-owned team could still be there as it is now. But, the way it is currently offered seems like a pub grab not to be taken too seriously. Perhaps their losing record on the field further supports this view.

    Second, all of the typical Gene hyperbole has left him and Paul with egg on their faces. No new team should be talking about winning championships, especially considering their lack of experience in the sports market. I do give them credit for hiring a GM/co-owner and a head coach with proven winning records. But, a championship team is built over time. They would be better served to present themselves as that hungry start-up franchise that will “do anything to make it” a la Peter Criss’ want ad back in the day.

    Unfortunately, arena football is a low-budget sports league that will cheapen the KISS brand in my opinion. I’ve never criticized them for all of the marketing and licensing because they’re one of the very few bands that can even pull it off. But, this feels like they’re spreading themselves too thin and I think that next season will probably be the last of the L.A. KISS.

    Anyway, I still love KISS and will always be interested in (which is different than spending my money on!) what they will do next. But, you won’t find me at an L.A. KISS football game. Looking forward to your next show.

    Mike Scott