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Gene Simmons, 40th Anniversary Symphony Tour & the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame. We Discuss

In episode 47, October 29, 2013, Gene Simmons mentions a 40th anniversary tour with a Symphony… we discuss. KISS is nominated for the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame… we discuss.

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  • Rob

    cant speak for Mitch but to answer your question if you pissed him off, I would be understanding if it was your relentless mocking. Look he is a fan, you 2 are clearly more casual listeners, and I would argue that Tommy isn’t even that, he does nothing but say shit like “I wouldn’t go to that, I wouldn’t buy that, I wouldn’t be into that, he shows more passion with Cheap trick, (lets see how long that band pod cast would last). And that’s fine but you 2 spend all your energy trying to mock and ridicule his opinions or takes instead of just respecting his opinion, isn’t that the premise of your show? 3 guys opinions, no right or wrong? listen to your shows, if his opinion is different, you do not respectfully discuss, you try to discredit him and make fun of it.

    fun is fun…I get the bit but sometimes its overkill. The best part of this show is when you ditch the juvenile behavior and discuss rationally and as adults, and every time it goes in that direction, you quickly start ripping Mitch and being goofballs again.

    just a guess, and if im wrong then fine, but I saw irritation in his face with the HOF discussion, it doesn’t matter if you agree with him, he is allowed his opinion, also showed irritation with the locker segment, if you don’t like MERCH then don’t buy it, cut the guy some slack, he has a passion…maybe you 2 should find 1.