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Gene Simmons & Paul Stanley Open Up In the New Issue of Classic Rock Magazine, We Discuss

In episode 35, August 6, 2013, we discuss the latest issue of Classic Rock Magazine. In a article about the 40th anniversary of KISS Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley really open on their personal feelings about the solo albums, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss, the 80s, Eddie Van Halen and more!

  • One of your better shows.I enjoyed the discussion.As I look back now,part of the problem with the original line-up were the raging ego’s.Each fed by fans,friends.A&P taking credit while not working as hard for it.If A&P were so crucial to the formula, KISS would have failed soon after they left either time. G&P taking credit,why shouldn’t they 40 years of work something to be proud of.I find it refreshing that were not getting the hype.Gene,Paul are very comfortable with the band as it is today and are willing to share some of it’s blemishes.Original line-up fans should be able to understand how hard it is to work with people not willing pull their own weight,even sabotaging the forward progress.

    • David Menard

      First off, love this show!!…Being a fan from ’74 till now, I have been there, well, for 40 years, and have seen them 25 times…Here’s the thing…I think the recent “opening up” from Paul is….FRUSTRATION!!!…The current line-up of KISS are good, but the magic was in 4 INDIVIDUALS, who all had STRONG personalities , it’s NOT THERE!!…And maybe, just maybe, Paul is bashing Eddie Kramer, because Eddie is mostly accepted as KISS’s best producer, not himself…As far as Ace and Peter go…Say or do whatever you want. The fact remains, that you not only diminish the role they played in the band, by putting their make-up on another person, but you REALLY diminish the current line-up, by saying they wouldn’t make it by creating their own characters…I always waved the KISS flag, stating that KISS was so creative and cared about their fans…But frankly, the swapping make-up to another person, seems very lazy to me…And the alienation of the fans who loved the original person who CREATED that!!…Anyway, thanx for a great show, and letting this 40 year fan vent!!…later

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  • mark smith

    Guys great show! I feel like i don’t have to read the whole article now because of this show. One comment I do have is about the 80’s kiss (which I love). I love the fact that they changed with the times, I love that they stayed current and didn’t become a nostalgia band after just 10 years. They made themselves and their music relevant to the times and those fans. I have to disagree somewhat with Tommy when he says they were obviously chasing Bon Jovi and the likes. If I am not mistaken both animalize and asylum came out before slippery when wet. That record propelled bon jovi and that music style into the stratosphere but kiss was already deep into by then and successful with it. To stay current and relevant is a challenge. I love zz top and ACDC but you have to go back to BIB and Eliminator in the early 80’s to find their relevant last record. At least Kiss has stayed in the mainstream while overcoming SEVERAL style and personnel changes. Not to mention musical tastes by the public in general. No others can really say that.