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KISS In 10 Years? Where Do You See Them? Three Sides Of The Coin

In episode #20 we discuss KISS In 10 years? Where do you see them? We also talk about the recently announced Wicked Lester reunion and what we think of a Frehley’s Comet reunion.Finally we comment on the exciting lineup announced for the 2013 Indianapolis KISS Expo.

  • I wonder if the Evil KISS robots from “Kiss Meets The Phantom” are still available.This could solve a lot of problems.Robot KISS could do longer set list,more shows,multiple shows at different venues.They don’t even need a paycheck!…Oh Yeah I forgot about that “Rip and Destroy” thing,…… sorry never mind.Damn evil KISS robots! If G&P are going to use replacements success will be measured on the quality of the performers.They will have to be exceptional to keep the machine working.Great show again guys.

  • mike

    Hey guys…
    I Think Tommy’s suggestion of Cheap Trick and New York Dolls s spot on. But those 80’s bands you’ve mentioned (Cinderella, Ratt, Poison..) would all work. But Personally, I’d LOVE to see Shinedown. They’re a great band with an amazing lead singer. They also are popular and get a lot of airplay on different format stations, so you’d think they’d boost sales a lot.
    As for the future of KISS, I hate the idea of continuing without Gene and/or Paul But I don’t see them continuing for more than five years,less if Paul can;t sort through his voice issues. Physically, they still look eerily close to the way they looked in the 70’s. But i really don’t see Gene flying to the rafters and stomping in those heavy boots at 74. But I’d never thought he’d be doing it at 64, so…

  • les wadley

    great show guys.I would like them to bring out slaughter saw them back on hot in the shade tour.Do tommys idea met cheap trick those guys were really kool.

  • Luke Williams

    As far as an opener that will accept the gig AND sell tickets?

    -Cinderella…great pick, as well as other 80’s acts mentioned

    -Volbeat…not well known, but KISS fans would like them. Check out their tune called “Radio Girl”.

    -Babylon Bombs…check out their tune “Hometown Hero”.

    -Sammy Hagar

  • Joel Dohrmann

    I would also have to agree with Tommy about Cheap Trick and the New York Dolls. The history tie-in with the New York Dolls makes sense, and I think that even a lot of die-hard KISS fans have actually never heard New York Dolls music. As far as Cheap Trick goes, I have seen them four times here in St. Louis, and it is really hard to beat a Cheap Trick concert. I love the fact that in another one of the Three Sides conversations, Cheap Trick’s Cheap Trick album put out by Red Ant Records was actually mentioned. This is an amazing album that got absolutely no airplay, yet is right up there with the likes of Dream Police.

    My other suggestion would have been something along the line of Ratt or Cinderella, but I think that a third band is actually needed for a KISS show. I hate to say it, but the set lists for KISS shows have been so stagnant in the last ten plus years, that you need more for your money. So what about something like Cinderella or Ratt with Rhinobucket or Tesla? Rhinobucket of course being a lesser known opener or Tesla being the middle ticket?

    The other option would be for KISS to try to reach another demographic of music listeners and go with something heavier for an opener, such as Blind Guardian, Gamma Ray or Symphony X? These are great bands that do well in Europe, but haven’t had the opportunities in the states. If you see one of their live shows, it is a real treat and the passion levels of the bands are amazing.

    Finally, the “living in dreamland ticket” for me would have to be KISS and the Scorpions. Make it an actual Farewell tour for both bands but go the route of Rush. Take a 20 to 30 minute intermission in the middle of the show so the band has time to rest and put out a three hour set list where they play at least one song from each album or four or five really deep tracks. Both bands have enough fans at this point that the tickets would sell no matter what, so there is no reason not to play some obscure songs just for fun, especially if you are going to truly hang up the touring aspect of the band. Why not play All American Man, Strange Ways, and Almost Human, or Passion Rules The Game, Media Overkill, and Over The Top if you know you will never have the chance to play them again?

  • markus

    Another great show, thanks guys!

    I think there are a whole bunch of new bands out there that would work well as opener.

    How about Halestorm? I was also thinking about a newer English band called Heavens Basement, who are really great and I know a lot of kiss fans would love them.

    Having said that I think Shinedown are a pretty good choice. I really like them anyway and they are getting a good following.

    However, I think in todays financial climate a line up like the Cheap Trick/New York Dolls would be the one that pulled the real dollars. Maybe a joint headline tour with van halen?

    Then again they could always ask the newly reformed Wicked Lester

  • Gary Aeh

    Some bands I would go see on there own I would rather see open for Kiss that would really work are UFO, Thin Lizzy, of course Cheap Trick or Motorhead.would be great also. Some bands I have seen open that I really liked have have been: Powerman 5000, Ted Nugent, W.A.S.P. , Queensryche,, Slaughter. Just some ideas,. What about Queens of the Stone Age. I mention all these because these are bands that people know and I think that is what is needed to get people there not some band that nobody has ever heard of or is my neighbor’s kids that play on Saturday’s for he kids around the block.
    Anyway, big fan of your show, please keep it up and in 10 years maybe you same three will be talking about the new best of Gene’s demo’s album.

  • Nern

    Opening Bands

    Motley Crue
    Black n Blue