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KISS Monster Show Reviews with Mitch and Tommy on Three Sides Of The Coin

In episode 36, August 13, 2013, Mitch and Tommy give you the good and the bad, mostly good, from the KISS Monster Tour shows they each saw. Ace Frehley makes a surprise appearance in KISS Shockers from Mitch’s Locker.

  • tokiwartooth

    Been KISS fan since 1979. Love the show keep up the great work! I’ve seen teleprompters at an Alice Cooper show and also on the new Aerosmith DVD. I think it helps the show. How many times on bootlegs have we seen Gene mess up lyrics to Duece and Rock n Roll All Night? Again love the show!, can’t wait until next week!

  • Mark Sawatzky

    Hi Guys. Love the shows! I have to say, after reading the constant facebook bashing of current members, line-up, etc., it’s refreshing to get three fans together in a room to have an actual “discussion” about the band. I recently hosted what I called a KISS geek out at my place where I got together with 3 other fans and we just discussed the band, no opinion was right or wrong, just “bullshitting” about KISS. Lots of fun!

    Anyhow, you guys had asked to give a review of the current tour/concerts this summer. I was fortunate enough to have taken in 4 shows in July, back to back, starting in Saskatoon and wrapping up in Winnipeg. I have to say, the “Spider” rig was the coolest stage set I’ve seen these guys use date. Hopefully we get a few more years from them to see what other creative staging they might use to support their next album(hopefully we see at least another one).

    I knew going in from the start that I wasn’t going to be blown away by the set list, but truth be told, once I was at the show and the concert started, it really didn’t affect me all that much. It was more, as Tommy put it in this cast, the experience. Would I have liked to see them play sets closer to what they did on KK1 & KK2? Sure, but once I was in the room, it didn’t matter.

    The one show that did seem off was in Saskatoon. Gene and Paul were not clicking, and it looked like Paul was pushing Gene’s buttons. I thought it was hilarious! As a fan, you don’t often see that at most shows!

    Regina, there was a tech glitch right before Gene’s blood routine. The band finished the tune, left the stage, and the lights didn’t go black. They we’re on for what seemed to be a good 45 seconds. He handled it okay, didn’t flip out, and just waited until they went off. He did look over to the side of the stage and give a “uh, guys, the lights…what’s going on?” kind of look.

    In Brandon, because of the smaller venue, the lighting rig wasn’t set as high, so when Gene did his flying routine, it seemed like he only went up 20 feet. Not a bad thing. Again, it was interesting to see them in a venue that only holds 5500. There was one guy, in 4th row, that kept booing Tommy whenever he came to the front to take a solo. Finally, Tommy had enough, gave him the finger and told the guy to fuck off. What I don’t understand is why this guy PAID $177 for his ticket, AND $40 on a t-shirt with Tommy right on the front! Again, when are some people going to learn that they speak with their wallet.

    Finally, in Winnipeg, I had a meet and greet package, only to find out 2 days prior that it was cancelled. Shitty, to say the least. Although, it certainly wasn’t due to a poor attendance. When I checked in to pick up my photo and ticket, the list was 2 pages long, with most people having 2 packages, and one with 4. Quick estimate, 30 -35 paying M&G’s. Brandon’s M&G was cancelled as well, and after reading a post on KissFAQ, Saskatoon, Regina, St. John’s, Lethbridge, and Kelowna were also cancelled as well. I can only guess that, and I know I’m going to have people on my back about this, Paul’s voice can’t handle ALL the talking, singing, and shouting twice a day. Most vocalists don’t even talk during the day to save their voice, and here’s a guy in his 60’s pushing the boundaries. He sounded alright for the shows, but in all honesty, his voice is strained, and Eric is now singing the high harmonies. He still delivered come show time. Gene called a guy out next to me in 1st row for texting, but he was actually going through his phone checking the photo’s he took. All in all, a fun show in my hometown!

    There was a silver lining to the cancelled M&G. Myself and a friend of mine spoke to the VIP host and told him were upset with the cancellation, and asked if we could at least still have a photo op with the band, and he set us up with that, which was nice.

    In all, a great way to spend my summer vacation, and something I always wanted to do since I was a kid.

    Keep up the great work!