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Megan McCracken Talks About Living with Bill Aucoin & Sean Delaney & Early KISS Stories

In episode 51, November 26, 2013 we are joined by Megan McCracken. Megan talks about living with Bill Aucoin and Sean Delaney during the early formative years of KISS. How see met Bill and Sean. What Bill and Sean would discuss about KISS at their house. How she ended up as the girl in the famous KISS S&M photo session. When she remembered Bill and Sean talking about unmasking KISS. And so much more!

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  • Calvin Richards

    Awesome episode! I really enjoyed hearing Megan’s tales from the early days…and it’s hard to believe she’s in her late 50’s – what a body – she looks amazing…

    Props to Tommy for his “Amazing Race” analogy – very solid.

    And props to Mitch for owning a laser-disk of a cinema classic!

    As far as your question, I would say taking off the make-up in 1979 would have had MUCH MORE impact than when they did…The reasons:

    1) KISS were still very popular and relevant in ’79 (despite the internal problems) and such a bold move would have sent a shockwave in music and pop culture in general. Unfortunately, KISS had fallen well below the radar by 1984 and the unmasking, while still major, probably didn’t shock the world – not as many people really cared by then…

    2) Taking off the makeup in 1979 would have meant unmasking the originals – that means all those Ace and Catman fans would have their mystery solved…By 1984 we saw the Fox and the Ankh Warrior’s true identity – no prizes for guessing which would have created a bigger buzz…

    3) The Dynasty album cover would not have looked anywhere near as cool without the makeup, and the poster included in the LP in plain face? Forget about it!

    Thanks for doing this…