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Paul Stanley’s Stage Raps, Are They Good, Are They Bad, Are They Needed?

In episode #12 we discuss Paul Stanley’s stage raps. Have they change over the years? Are they still good? Are they a important part of a KISS show?

  • Joseph

    Michael: I LOVE the show and have not missed an episode. Sometimes though the audio level on your side is a bit low compared to Mitch and Tommy. Just wanted to give a little feedback to only improve upon a great show.

    • Michael

      Thanks Joseph. We are aware of the levels, but it is not something that is easy to fix. There aren’t different audio channels. We have three different mics and three different bandwidth connections… very hard if not impossible to control.

  • How do you guys not remember that Paul’s raps were “dirty” basically from Creatures thru Revenge? He was ALWAYS saying “fuck.” I remember being at the Creatures show (also my first show, except in Detroit), and Paul had the crowd chant “Fuck You!” as being the response to tell people who say “KISS sucks.” In the early part of the Reunion Tour, a “fuck” would slip in, but it didn’t take long before he realized all the kids that were there and started sanitizing his raps like he did in the Dynasty/Unmasked era.

    • Actually he had the crowd yell “Fuck off” now I think back again.

  • Jeff

    With 40 years worth of music they could change up the set list. That would fix everything. I’ve heard Paul say that the fans demand that they play the same “staples” every time. I for one would love to hear some rare stuff. I would be okay with not hearing Rock n Roll All Nite for the millionth time.

  • Bob

    Songs are different, but as far as stage raps…Paul needs some new material, sure they’ve evolved over the years. But, it’s still basically the same schtick,

    • Michael

      Completely agree.

  • Steven Kirkpatrick

    Tommy you mentioned That KISS will Be Headlining in Wisconsin on July 20th. I’m Planning on attending this concert and have been looking forward to it for weeks now. This will be my 1st KISS concert and i am hoping for only the best out of them! I am the biggest KISS fan that my friends or family know. I Hope the show is fantastic. I can’t go a day without listening to KISS and i am working on collecting as much KISS ‘stuff’ as i can. Just wanted to say i LOVE this show and it continues to feed my addiction to KISS. Keep up the great work guys! I’ll be watching every week!

  • Bill Mohr

    Here’s to Paul Stanley! The best front man of all time in Rock & RooooOwWOwWll!!!!
    Man will music suck when this man is not around any longer. : / & how I miss when he was younger & he could hold a note FOREVER!! : ( I will always remember though. ; )

  • Luciano

    I’d love you guys to redo this episode by listing top 10 Paul Stanley raps, talking deep about each of them, about what was good and what was bad about them, thanks a lot, Luciano