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SPECIAL EDITION!! The Story Behind the Vinnie Vincent T-Shirts & Official Facebook Fan Page

Episode 61, February 7, 2014. SPECIAL EDITION!! We sit down and talk with James Steingart Admin of the Official Vinnie Vincent Facebook Fan Page. James talks about being a KISS and Vinnie Vincent fan. Why he started the Facebook Page. His contact and communication with Vinnie. The history behind the t-shirts being offered by Vinnie. Why he shut down the Facebook Page and so much more!

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  • Jordan Van Dyk

    Best. Shocker. Ever.

    You guys should do an episode about all the pot-stirring topics in KISS that there is. Mark St. John apparently turning into a junkie for example.

    Here’s my homework answer – Yes I would like to. And here’s why: While I enjoy his playing on the KISS albums, was never a fan of his VVI stuff. WAY too much all at once for my tastes. But if he was to do something that was a bit more restrained then that would interest me a bit. And I’m also not a big VV fan either but any new music from ex-KISS members is always a positive to me. Would pay VV any money? Thanks for two great shows this week and I personally would love to see you guys exploit the “Brandvold ilk” thing. Keep up the great work!

    Jordan V

    (You have to try and Sphinx on the show. It would be comedy gold!)

  • Chris Polk

    Friday nite bonus episode…..GREAT! Thanks for the great topic, and thanks to James for coming on the show and discussing the VV T shirt and facebook page. Im sure most of us knew not to get the shirt, but it was great to hear from the guy who was actually running the facebook page and in contact with (more or less) VV himself. As for homework, I wouldnt mind hearing some new VV music. I dont think I would buy it without hearing a sample first. I dont want to hear another VVI Im the best in the world and have to prove it to everyone and play a million notes. I think VV being in Kiss and having Paul and Gene restrain VV (or kind of reign him in) during the LIU album was great for VV. It made him focus on song writing and not so much on ripping through songs with crazy solos. Brandvold ilk…..BRILLIANT! Mike you must be grinning from ear to ear. I know I would be. That is classic. Keep up the great work guys!

  • Chris Wriglesworth

    Hey all, long time listener, first post here.

    I would be interested in hearing new music from him, but I woudln’t buy it unless I like what I heard. As a musician myself, my take on Vinnie is that he is a talented guitarist and has some solid songwriting ability, however it seems he does need that “filter” of other writers, producer’s, etc. to help make order out of chaos. That isn’t a slam, some folks just get so close and attached to their creation that they just can’t see the forrest though the trees. I’ll refer to Eddie Trunk’s story about how he responded to Ace when he played him some of the material that eventually became Anomaly.

    So many musicians take things personally, I understand why but it does seem to be their undoing, Vinnie could have possibly maintained a great place as a strong song writer in the KISS camp but instead seems to have lashed out with lawsuits when he got his feelings hurt.

    I could be totally wrong about that and it would be nice to actually hear his side of it. I’ll admit that based on what I’ve heard (right or wrong) I don’t have a lot of respect for Vinnie as a person. If he were to break his silence and be willing to grant an interview, especially with a show like Three Sides, not only would he gain the respect of a lot of fans (myself included) but he might find the chance to clear the air and present his side somewhat theraputic.

    One last I’d like to throw in, I’m old school in that I much prefer to have my music in a CD (or some form of tangible) format. So if new VV music did come out, I might preview it on line, but I would ultimately want the CD.


    P.S. Long live the Brandvold ilk and Mitch Army! – ACK!