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The Holy Trinity and The Holy Crapology of KISS Albums Call Us at 320-515-4771

In episode 42, September 24, 2013, we start with some late breaking news… a email we received from KISS lead guitarist TOMMY THAYER, we then take a lead from and discuss our holy trinity and holy crapology of KISS albums… that is AFTER Mitch is reminded what three in a row means. We discuss a voice mail message from Nick Frank about tribute bands. Tommy’s reads his comment of the week and Mitch is getting ready for Kissmas on KISS Shockers from Mitch’s Locker.

Call Us at 320-515-4771.

  • Shaun

    Try Spray-Tish, Tommy.

    It works for me. I know how you feel.

    I used to use Tobispray, which is more powerful, but I can’t get it in my country now.

    Take care.