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The KISS Merchandise & Ace Frehley’s Foreclosure on Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #13 we discuss Ace Frehley’s recent foreclosure and KISS merchandise… do you have to buy it and what are our favorite items.Don’t miss your homework lesson at the end of the show.

  • Lee Staples

    You guys are experiencing what I did when I was a member of a Kiss message board for a couple of years (one you know by the way). There are Pete and Ace fans that have raised them to “sainthood” status and live for nothing other than to come online and bash Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric. These people feel Ace and Peter never did anything wrong, and everything is Gene and Paul’s fault. It finally got so bad, I had to leave the board. Instead of the board being a place where Kiss fans can conduct intelligent conversation about the band, it became nothing but a place where Pete and Ace fans hijacked every thread and made it about Paul and Gene being the evil ones.

    • Michael

      Thanks Lee. I have been through this all before. I know what will happen if you let go unchecked. I won’t let that happen and have already taken action to not allow the Facebook Page of this Site become that. It will be a place you are comfortable posting and commenting. (Mike)

      • Lee Staples

        Thanks Mike! I love your podcast!

      • Scott

        It’s funny to me that Ace isn’t playing instead he does these signings at these comic or horror conventions. He might not fill arenas but he can still draw a big enough crowd to make money

  • Terri Bey

    Well, Mike, Tommy, and Mitch… nice to see you got the site up. 🙂 Love it. I already bookmarked it. 🙂

    Now, to the topic at hand. First , the Ace foreclosure issue. I’ve been a KISS fan for 36 years. KISS fan FIRST. Ace fan SECOND. Yeah, Ace is my favorite member, and I am guilty of being one of his biggest fans. That I plead guilty.

    However, I don’t and never did think Ace (and Peter) were saints. I don’t think Gene and Paul were evil. I do wish fans could just move on from this.

    I love Ace as a musician, an original member, and his contribution to the band. People need to separate the PERSON from the PERFORMER. Everyone, including fans like myself know how Ace is as a person.

    Ace created this mess. It is Ace himself that has to deal with this and get out of it.

    Now to the merchandise. Mike said it best: Vote with your wallet. I just wish the Meet and greets were done on the Farewell Tour. LOL However, I just think that the band has plenty of merchandise that fans of all income levels can afford, provided they are interested.

    I don’t have much merchandise. I sold most of what I had, and I had quite a bit. Mine is self made. In August of 2000, I met Ace in Vegas, and had a shirt and a sweatshirt made out of it. When I met Ace again in Melbourne, Australia in 2001, I had the photo signed, and he wrote “To Terri! Rock On!” and I have it framed.

    • Michael

      Thanks Terri. I’ve known you for years, you do love the band.

      • Terri Bey

        Thanks Mike. 🙂 I did want to add that as my father passed away from cancer, I agree with Mitch that it was very offensive for those fans to ask him on his page about doing a fundraiser for Ace. I mean, really.

    • Scott

      I was there too, you were with a friend of mine Paul Hillis hung out at Mandalay Bay but you guys met him somewhere else I think the Luxor

  • Dan

    My favorite personal merchandise I have is my huge photo of me with KISS when I met them, the video bootleg I had of the 1st reunion show I went to (the second night at MSG), I no longer have it because it was damaged (if anyone has that on DVD plz let me know…). The mass produced merchandise thats my fav is the Mcfarlane figures that came out in ’97, the subsequent Psycho Circus figures that had their alter egos from the comic book, and the ‘Nightmare Child’ PC game. I dont have, but really want the Casablanca singles box set…

    • Michael

      Thanks Dan… the first McFarlane figures were very cool.

  • Kale Baldwin

    Hello guys! As you may know, I am a big Ace fan, but I don’t drink the kool aid. As Mitch stated, it was very, very offensive of that Ace fan to say that you should do something to help Ace rather than the tribute album for the cancer hospice. How can somebody be that stupid and say something that disrespectful and wrong? I think all of these people willing to give him financial help are the epitome of sheep, blind fanboy

  • Kale Baldwin

    Hello guys! As you may know, I am a big Ace fan, but I don’t drink the kool aid. As Mitch stated, it was very, very offensive of that Ace fan to say that you should do something to help Ace rather than the tribute album for the cancer hospice. How can somebody be that stupid and say something that disrespectful and wrong? I think all of these people willing to give him financial help are the epitome of sheep, blind fanboyism, ass kissing blowhards, and overall idiots. I know that statement is rude and somewhat politically incorrect, but I don’t care in this case. The guy Mitch was referring to deserves it especially. As far as merch goes, my favorite would be my reissue of Alive! with original packaging including the booklet. And I have the Psycho Circus dolls from 1998, the ones that have a circus character (or whatever they’re called) with each member. Great show, and keep up the good work! And Mitch, good luck with the tribute album!

  • Travis Hodges

    I like to believe that I don’t drink any “kool-aid”. I completely honor and respect everything that Ace and Pete did for the band. Without them, there would be no KISS. On that same note, I also honor and respect everything that Paul and Gene has done for the band. Are any of them 100% innocent? Hell no. Do I believe that Pete and Ace have a slightly bigger percentage of blame? Yes. I mean, wasn’t it from about 78-80 that Peter didn’t do any work aside from his tracks? He didn’t even show up for the redub (whatever word you want to use) for KISS Meets Phantom of The Park. As for Ace, I have more pity for him. He didn’t like the way KISS was going, and I understand that. Moving on to Gene and Paul, Gene isn’t even in my top 4 fav members. I will openly tell non-KISS fans that Gene is an arrogant, cocky, full of himself SOB. I love him, but he can kinda be a dick at times. As for Paul, he has kept KISS alive. He is the only member to be 100% dedicated 24/7 for the past 40 years. Pete had 3 chances with the band. Obviously something just doesn’t click with Paul, Gene, and Paul, Gene and Ace. Its been 12 or so years since Ace was in the band. There’s been more albums WITHOUT Ace and Pete than with them. Gene and Paul are no saints, I do think that Paul is the most “saint-like” out of the 4. I really don’t have any negative things to say about Paul. And for reference my fav member list is: 10-Mark 9-Vinnie 8-Pete 7-Bruce 6-Gene 5-Ace 4-Carr 3-Thayer 2-Singer 1-Paul

    Moving on from there:
    I really like the tour programs. Getting to see photos from live shows and backstage is amazing. I loved that in the 2010 Hottest Show program had a picture of Eric from the 2009 show and you could see “Houston” on a stand next to him. Was cool seeing a pic that I knew was from a show I had been to. The Monster book was just sad to me. I wanted one when I first heard about it, but the second I saw the price I just said no. I can understand the price being so high, but it just wasn’t worth it for me. I’m a sucker for t-shirts. Something that I can wear proudly around. Same goes for bracelets and necklaces. Things like bobbleheads, figurines and all that also appeal to me. Really, just about anything appeals to me.

    • Michael

      Well said, thank you for sharing. (Mike)

  • Thank for putting the 3 sides website up.How in the hell are you going to keep up with the comments on Youtube,Facebook,Michael Brandvold and now 3 Sides?

    • Michael

      Thanks Chris… not too hard. Unfortunately not every single comment can get a reply.

  • SpaceKev

    I love this show.

    KISS was way way way ahead of the curve on this. CD purchases across the industry and across genres reached an apex in the early 2000s. However, in the 70s and especially now that the entire music industry is in the tank, merchandising, in many many cases, is the only way for bands to make any money. There is no music video channel to play singles on and commercial radio is so formulaic that playing new music and especially breaking new bands is darn near impossible.

    Sadly Gene comes across as Krusty The Clown

    • Michael

      Thank you Kevin.

  • Jeff Gray

    Tommy: How much money did Ace make on the reunion tour? What are the sepcific details of the Foreclosure? Thanks

    • Michael

      Sorry Jeff we have never seen Ace’s contract so that’s not something we could discuss. (Mike)

  • Travis Hodges

    I was thinking about the podcast today while waiting for the bus and a thought came to me.

    Do you think that itunes killed record sales? Now that people can go and buy any song from an album even if it isn’t a single. I’d think that would hurt album sales as people could just go and buy one song. Just a thought that came to me.

    On a stupid note, I dubbed “Gene and Paul” kool-aid “Grape” (G from gene p for paul) and Ace and Peter kool-aid “Apple” (a for ace p for peter) Just a dumb thought that came to me today.

  • mike

    Hy guys…
    Stumbled upon the podcast a few weeks back, and and now I look forward to the new ones each tuesday . I’m a fan since the older kid next door used to blast Alive from his open window. But I come from the same point of view as you guys I don’t blindly like everything, and have no problem with the current members. I actually prefer them to Ace and Pete.
    But I never cared either way about merch. I have no problem with them doing it, but I separate it from the albums and concert. The only “merch” I have is the vids
    Keep up the great work, gents.

    • Michael

      Thank you for the comment Mike.

  • Hi Michael,Tommy, Mitch. When will we be able to get “3 sides Of A Coin” merchandise? Hats Shirts Season 1 on DVD. Mitch Headphones .I hope this brings a smile.Chris

    • Michael

      Good idea, need to find time to work on it.

  • Jason Emde

    Another groovy episode — thanks for doing these. I thought Mike’s comments about KISS’s meet-&-greets were very interesting; I’ve always wondered how KISS stacked up against other acts or even against the sort of romantic image a lot of people (me included) have of some imaginary past where if you were lucky & cool you somehow got to party backstage with the band. I found myself wondering, however, if there isn’t some kind of connection between the homogenization of KISS’s shows (which you touched upon in the last episode: Paul’s identical-in-every-city raps, etc) and the new, added pressures of having to be friendly, charming, personable, & conversationally present during the (expensive) meet-&-greets beforehand. Is it possible that so much of the band’s spontaneity and looseness is gobbled up before the shows that it’s safer, easier, & more efficient to have a totally choreographed, standardized show (identical raps, setlists, etc) without little additions like comments about the city’s sports teams or whatever? I’d be interested to hear what you guys think about this.

    Looking forward to next Tuesday and, as usual, to more Mitch. Canadians are cool.

    • Michael

      I think it is just easier to produce a show every night when it doesn’t change from city to city. Everything is just programmed in and runs almost on autopilot.

  • michael harris

    Love the show.been a kiss fan since 1977.I watch every podcast.keep up the good work.

    • Michael

      Thank you Michael.

  • Ed

    Hey guys!! Thanks alot for these great discussions. This one is definitely my favorite so far. I was kinda hoping you guys would’ve expressed your views about KISS selling stage used instruments and microphones for thousands of $$$. By the way, one of my favorite pieces of merch is the original Donruss bubblegum cards. That’s what got me started on all things KISS. I carried those cards with me everywhere I went for 2 years! I still have them and everytime I look at them I go right back to being a 7 yr. old kid again. Keep up the great work!

    • Michael

      Thanks Ed. Selling stage gear is no different than other merch to me. If you don’t like it, you don’t buy it. But for some fans that is the holy grail. I would never pay $3000 for a mic, but I know some fans who would LOVE it. (Mike)

  • Vinny D.

    Another great show genetleman. I’m huge Ace fan, but he is his own he is own worst enemy. I read that he is worth 35 million, so I bet he is being advised to take advantage of the foreclosure scene. He probably bought the house before the market collapsed with one of those no money down deals.
    What Mitch is doing with the cancer hospice is awesome. He is the man. The comment otherwise by that Ace fan was a joke.

  • Hi All,
    I’ve recently found your podcast and i enjoy it greatly. I’m a bit behind as I’ve just recently found you, but you made me want to share my prize KISS possession, the first KISS poster ever made. I have one of them that I aquired in about 1978, second or third hand. I now have it framed in my home and hopefully I can attach or post a link.

    That’s not nearly all I have, but it means the most to me. I’m new to your podcast but I thank you for what you do.

    pic here

    my full post here

    Thanks for carrying the torch.


    • Michael

      Great collectible, thanks for sharing.

  • DJ

    Hi Michael,
    I’m new to the podcast, this episode is as far as I’ve gotten. As a diehard since 76 I wanted you to know how much I enjoy listening to you guys. You make me smile, laugh, and I love people who have the same passion for KISS that I do.
    My first exposure to them was the Paul Lynde Halloween special as well. Knowing nothing about them or who they were, my eyes fell out of my head when they came down in that elevator to launch into DRC. The next day my parents took me to “Sam Goody” ( remember those?) and the whole window was plastered with “Destroyer”. That was my first KISS album and putting on those headphones and being transported to “KISS WORLD” was truly a life changing experience.
    I’m a collector and it’s tough to pick a favorite piece of merch since I love it all. I’d have to say all the 70’s merch holds a special place in my heart. Its special to look at it and remember that time, going to a store and seeing a new KISS item! My first show was the “Love Gun” 77 tour and some 45 shows later, I’m still going and loving the experience. Thanks!