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The KISS Solo Projects, Who Had the Best on Three Sides Of The Coin

In episode #17 we discuss the KISS solo albums and the post solo releases by Peter Criss, Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent, Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick, Eric Carr, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. What are each of our favorite releases.

  • Jeff

    1. Trouble Walkin’
    2. Live To Win
    3. Anomaly

    • ricky clarke to win
      2.trouble walking

  • ricky clarke

    another great episode guy’s i must be the only one who likes asshole. like the the first vinnie lp and the euphoria ep.keep up the good work.

    • Michael

      Thank you Ricky.

  • Dan

    The Vinnie Vincent Invasion albums are great! Kiss fans who are not familiar with them, dont let these guys sway you 🙂 ‘All Systems Go’ is better than the first in terms of production and mix. But both are very good.

    • Jeff

      Right on Dan! Vinnie Vincent Invasion was great. The first album could of had a better mix but they had very good songs on both albums. Vinnie was a great player but most of all a great song writer period! Boyz are gonna rock, Twisted, Do you wanna make love, Ashes to ashes, That time of year, Love kills not to mention what he wrote for Kiss and other artists

  • Dan

    Hmm, you guys say you hate certain albums, but, I don’t know….you have them… You guys say you hate them, but i bet you’re listening to ’em in your bedrooms with the headphones on and rockin’ out. Cmon you know I’m right! (just kiddin around guys) 🙂

  • Dan

    1: Paul Stanley ‘Live To Win’
    2: Frehley’ Comet “Second Sighting’
    3: Vinnie Vincent Invasion “All Systems Go”

  • Hey Micheal,Mitch,Tommy. Great Topic.I was trying to find the sales statistics for some of the Albums/CDs featured on this episode. Micheal,Mitch is there an accurate web source for this information? I’d like to know the top 3 and for kicks the bottom 3. Show Topic Idea “best compilation”. Of the 10+ greatest hits which do you prefer? What would like on the next greatest hits?How about a compilation w/ the 4 Killers,4Smashes Thrashes tracks plus any of those damn bonus tracks.KISS has 5 live albums, chose one then create one.(but you can’t use anything off A$@Hole, for Mitch’s health)

  • mike

    Hey guys,always great to hear your comments. I have limited knowledge of this topic, as I’ve only heard the original four solos. Of those, it seeme Paul and Ace consistently trade the first two spots, and Gene and Pete the last two. I agree with those rankings. Gene has a few good songs on his. Ironically, the only song i dislike on Ace’s is NY Groove, and it’s the biggest solo hit of the four.
    Mike, you say you haven’t listened to Petes in 30 years. I wonder, if you spun it now, if your opinion would change somewhat. I say that because, there are KISS albums I havent listened to in forever. Lately, I’ve beeen re-discovering them. Just listened to Lick It Up. And songs like “Dance All Over Your Face, and “And On The Eighth Day” are way better than I remember.

  • Esteban Lopez

    a bit off-topic.. but I think the cover for “Out of control” was very good. Check the art of Todd Schorr in google and you will see that Peter Criss made a great choice with him.

  • Walter

    2. Second Sighting
    3. Trouble Walkin’

    • Leo

      Great choice. But what about Frehley’s Comet?

  • Paul Stamm

    In chronological order –
    Vinnie Vincent Invasion – Vinnie Vincent Invasion
    Ace Frehley – Trouble Walkin’
    Bruce Kulick – BK3

  • John Clark

    What about Mark St. John’s White Tiger?

  • Jeff

    I liked Anomaly much more than Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom was a bunch of old Ace riffs and Kiss songs rehashed. Delilah was a good song though

    • Michael

      Not sure I would agree it was old Ace riffs and rehased songs… since it was all written freshly.

      • Jeff

        Well yes I assume most of the songs were freshly written for the album but a lot of the guitar riffs and chords structures sound much like older Kiss songs that were already done, and some of the guitar solos had some old Ace licks in them.

  • Leo

    Hi Mike,

    Great episode. Really enjoyed it. What is your opinion about that Ace sold the most albums in 78 and was the only one back then with a hit single. Even today if you check Amazon hs album is selling the best. Also his post Kiss solo albums were selling better than Paul and Gene’s. Anamoly went straight into the charts. Was Ace underrated by Paul and Gene?



  • Ray

    Best Solo

    1. Ace Frehley’s Comet
    2. Bruce Kulick BK3
    3. Ace Frehley Trouble Walking

  • drew

    1. anomaly 2.trouble walkin 3.frehley comet.I think you guys should go back and listen to some of the vinnie vincent invasion songs,some are pretty good.I also think that the post ace solo works was just as good if not better than the kiss albums that were coming out at the same time.

  • Where the h@ll is the fast forward button to get me Tuesday’s show.?!!!

  • Frank Micucci

    Top 3 solo albums
    1. Frehley’s Comet
    2. Live To Win
    3. Trouble Walkin

  • hamed kabariti

    1. Audiodog, 2. Asshole, 3. Anomaly

  • Jonas

    Did I miss any mention of the Eric Singer Project CD? I know it was alll covers but I felt it was a solid CD that Eric and Bruce turned out. It even had a special Ace solo one of the tracks.

  • Rod

    I think we should rate you guys on the show…Paul’s album “Bulletproof” not quite the Star Wars geeks some kiss fans lol

  • Jason

    Agree with Rod….and what is the dishing of Union….far better music than any kiss related project or solo projects. Those guys were ahead of their time! Just a crap label that failed to support them!

  • Bill Mohr

    1. Frehley’s Comet
    2. Ace Frehley – Anomaly
    3. Vinnie Vincent Invasion

    Tods voice is great & I love the Fractured songs.
    No Substitute & Back On The Streets off of VVI are great songs.
    My opinion…

    That is all I wish to add, Mike. : )

  • Todd

    I completely agree with Tommy on this one as far as the ’78 solos go. Paul’s is best, with Ace’s a close second. I love Peter’s album and honestly like every song on it. People really need to give it a chance. I think there are songs on Peter’s album that sound more “Kiss-like” than anything on Gene’s album, so I never understand why Gene’s album gets a pass and Peter’s gets slammed, if that’s one’s criteria for judging the albums. Gene’s is a real mess and is the worst album in Kiss’ entire catalog, in my opinion. “Radioactive” is a good song and “See You Tonight” is a GREAT song. Other than those, it’s a complete throwaway as far as I’m concerned.