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The KISSfaq Message Board, What are all the Fans Talking About in Those Threads?

Episode 58, January 21, 2014. The KISSfaq Message Board, What are all the Fans Talking About in Those Threads? We pick some of the topics, read the headline and discuss what we think the KISS fans are talking about. PLUS… Mitch once again really shocks us on KISS Shockers from Mitch’s Locker.

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  • Chris Polk

    Another great episode. As for homework, yes it is ironic that someone in a KISS tribute band is upset about Tommy and Eric wearing the spaceman and catman makeup. I know this wasnt the show topic but have been reading a lot about this subject with the makeup. Ace and Peter sold the rights to those designs to Gene and Paul (KISS). The designs are now known as the spaceman and catman. Its not like they are saying “Okay Tommy, put this on and you will now go by the name Ace Frehley.” Tommy is the spaceman, same as Eric is the catman, Paul is the starchild, and Gene is the demon. The makeup now represents characters, not specific people. I know in the 70s the makeup design wasnt marketed that way. I would see the makeup on Ace and would identify the makeup with him…back then. When Ace and Peter sold the designs, they basically gave up the right to be the sole individual associated with the design.

    Second part of homework….I really like Tommy’s idea of Garbage opening for KISS. Although I see Mitch’s point of it not being as big of a draw. But I would pay to see that show. Garbage rocks!

    Keep up the great work guys! I do check out your facebook page and must admit that it is really tempting to start a facebook profile of my own so I can join in the discussion.

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