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Three Sides of the Coin, a KISS Podcast Discusses Did Vinnie Vincent Save KISS?

In episode #2 we discuss Vinnie Vincent. Did Vinnie Vincent save KISS with his songwriting skills?

  • Tommy Tobin

    Yes,Vinnie Vincent did,in fact, save Kiss due to him being there & to his contributions of Lick It Up.

    • Michael

      Not in fact, in opinion.

  • I agree, Vinnie’s contribution was very, very small to “saving” KISS. I have no real hatred for Vinnie though. I figure his crimes have carried their own punishment for him and, as we all agree, his sound simply didn’t fit KISS so his attitude and mistakes actually aided in the band getting their sound back closer to what it was supposed to be. Vinnie’s biggest contribution had to be simply that he brought the band’s sound current. As a fan already I had no idea they needed to be brought current and I loved everything that came before. Creatures and Lick It Up were such a departure — but ya’ know what? I liked them. I attribute this to being so young and being a “KISS can do no wrong” kid –, but I still love that music.
    Lick It Up tour was my first KISS show and, right from the start, it was so obvious that though the man had amazing speed and chops he had no real home in KISS.
    I love the make-up as much as all fans who found the band when were kids, but we have to admit the make-up didn’t write a single song in KISS. I think the music was strong enough that it kept us, and their personalities were such that we all found things we could identify with. Vinnie just missed that stand out personality. Maybe we weren’t allowed to know this kid (maybe that was for the better), but he just lacked substance in almost every way. I agree also that it almost physically hurt that now there were starting to be members of KISS that didn’t sing. Like the Beatles, a lot of us thought we knew the members of the band by their lyrics and their attitude and voices.
    When Vinnie messed up and was let go I also wondered how much of that was also Gene and Paul coming to terms with the fact that, no matter what was popular, they simply didn’t want to be a guitar driven band a la Van Halen.

    At the end of the day, I have no problem with Vinnie, and I even would go as far as to say that I like some of his solo stuff alright. However, I like him for his own merit as a player and writer, but he doesn’t fit into KISS at all. At the end of the day he is better on his own, and they are stronger without him.

  • Bill Mohr

    Cool story…The first concert I ever attended was KISS at the Metro Centre in Rockford IL, New Years Eve 82/83. I had already been a KISS fan for 7-8 years & was so surprised when my parents got me the tickets for Christmas & attended the concert with me. The local radio station(Y95) was handing out stickers to commemorate the event. I have never experienced anything quite like it since. When Gene blew fire my face felt like it was going to melt off!! I remember Paul used the F word a lot during this show, too. (Pretty cool!) KISS had the loudest sound system at the time & they had a huge tank that blew up the speakers hanging above the crowd during Erics drum solo.
    (Freaked everybody out) FANTASTIC! I could not hear for like 2 or 3 days after. Oh & Vinnie did the solo with the bow like Jimmy Page. Great memories. ; )

  • VonMeister

    I don’t personally favor Vinnie and I don’t really like his solo efforts after KISS so much, but I believe he did help save the band for the early eighties.
    The principle thing KISS had a problem with was songwriting at that time and needed to be injected with something new and a bit different. They obviously had enough money and were still capable of getting some media attention but they didn’t know what to write anymore after a couple years of a deep identity problem. KISS used a lot of Vinnie’s Warrior demo to build songs for Creatures of the Night (and even Lick It Up maybe). Paul comments on the challenges of writing during this period and Gene was likely only half-present as his Hollywood interests elevated.
    So yeah, I think he should get some credit – KISS needed a songwriter more than about anything else.
    VV certainly should be credited more than Anton Fig and Bob Kulick whom you mentioned who were really just session musicians – I don’t really think of him as just a footnote but pretty instrumental (no pun intended) to getting KISS really rocking again and making it relatable to the time.
    KISS really needed some shredding to shake off the pop music thing, and I really like Vinnie’s work on the KISS albums he did. I will say that I’m glad he was tethered into keeping his solo work more brief and more within the feel of the song – something he didn’t do on the VVI debut.
    Kind of interesting to think that the VVI songs from the first CD came from a lot of demos he did while in KISS – could a few of those have become great KISS songs if he had worked on the follow-up to Lick It Up?
    Judging how Animalize turned out – I think they could have used him for another album. Animalize is okay, but not great.

    Great stuff guys – thanks!! Fun as always.