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Three Sides of the Coin Debut Episode of a KISS Geek Podcast

In this episode we discuss KISS books… Gene Simmons KISS and Make Up, Ace Frehley No Regrets, Peter Criss Makeup to Breakup My Life In and Out of KISS, Chris Lendt KISS and Sell, Lydia Criss Sealed with a KISS. We discuss what we would like to see in Paul Stanley’s upcoming autobiography and if Bruce Kulick would ever write a book, what we would like to read in his book.

  • Hey guys, just stumbled onto your podcast. I’ve only listened to the first episode so far, but I think I’ll be sticking with you. I love KISS — always have and always will. Some of my earliest memories are KISS memories. I was very much an “If it wears the KISS tag then it is perfect in every way, and they will never do any wrong” kinda’ guy. As I grew up I had to let a lot of truth in, and much of it begrudgingly. I still love the guys, and it is great to see three more folks who still have a love of KISS but have the ability to discuss them in a rational way. It seems any more that all you see are the “They were great in make-up” fans or the “Gene and Paul suck” fans. As in all things involving human beings the truth of every situation is somewhere in the middle of all their stories. I want them to be perfect, but I accept that they are not — as long as they put out the most amazing music that I’ve made the soundtrack of my life then they are as perfect as I need them to be. Great job guys!

    • Michael

      Thanks Mike, hope you enjoy all the shows.