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We Answer The Questions That You Asked, a Q&A Hit and Run on Three Sides of the Coin

In episode #15 we answer the questions you sent us. Was your question answered, going to have to listen to find out. We hit ALOT of questions on a variety of topics.

  • Thanks for taking the time to answer viewer’s questions.I know this will lead to questions part II.You have covered a lot of ground.

  • Jason Emde

    More Mitch!

  • John Clark

    Great show. I would recommend a 2nd show.
    Q: According to Gene and Paul, Kiss will continue without them. Who can you see as possible replacements.

    • Michael

      I am not sure I would see it being and name person. I think what will matter most is they have the “KISS” attitude. (Mike)

      • Lee

        I don’t know how Gene & Paul can validate (to the fans) a Kiss without them. Even if you have Eric, Tommy, and two other people – all it ends up being is an official tribute band.

        • Michael

          We will have to wait and see how they do it.

          • Dan

            Threre was talk of an American Idol type competition tv show to find replacements. I hope to God they dont do that. I dont think most fans would care for a replacement lineup. Maybe diehards would entertain it for a little while, but most people wouldnt in my opinion.

      • steve

        can your see Nick Simmons and Evan Stanley replacing them?

        • Michael

          Nope, don’t think either want that.

  • mike

    Hey again guys. LOVE the show more and more each week. Having a few beers with any one of you would be a blast. Anyway, yes, another one of these Q&A sessions would be great. I’m not sure I agree with you about KISS continuing with Gene and Paul for another 10 years.. As much as I hope they do, Gene would be 74, paul, 71. His voice wont hold up that long. I suppose if they went back to dispensing the makeup and outfits, and were a stripped down band, they could.
    Anyway, keep it up, guys

  • Hello 3 Sides.In this podcast you mentioned that Vinnie V. wore the ankh war paint at a KISS convention.You said he was given a cease and desist order. Didn’t Ace wear his character paint for a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial after he left or his contract had expired or he chose not to re-sign. Do you know if he was given a cease and desist order also? Both Peter and Ace used make-up pictures on their ” Autobiography”covers did they get permission? I guess they must have or there is some type of an exclusion. I know you may not be able to answer,I’d appreciate any input.

  • Robert K. from Kississippi

    Hi guys, yet another great show…..and great topic! I’d love to see a 2nd show answering listener’s questions for sure! I have a few I’d like to throw out there…

    1) A silly question for all 3 of you: Which 1 KISS album (including live, compilations, etc) and 1 non-KISS album (any other artist) would you want with you on a deserted island with access to no other music?

    2) For Tommy: You mentioned on the recent merchandise episode about having a poster signed by all 4 original members. Just curious as to which poster it is? Always like seeing other fans signed items.

    3) For all 3: I recently watched the ‘Rise To It’ video. During the opening makeup sequence when they quickly show the backs of Eric and Bruce as Ace and Peter…..maybe I’m seeing things, but have you ever noticed that it appears Eric was wearing Vinnie’s costume? Thought that was interesting.

    • Michael

      1. Probably Alive II
      3. Didn’t pay attention, will have to go back and take a look.

  • Luke Williams

    Mike, you said that you saw Paul use an Ibanez Iceman on the HITS tour? Did he really use it on that tour? I thought he broke it out for the Revenge tour.

    • Michael

      Pretty sure, but that was so long ago I could be wrong.

      • Dan

        Actually, the Iceman was brought back for the Revenge tour. HITS was Gibson Les Pauls mostly.

  • Mike

    Great stuff guys. Q&A II and more would be great.

    A question – Ace had the smokin’ guitar. Tommy copies Ace but no smokin’ guitar – why?
    I doubt Ace would have thought about creating or protecting any rights over a smokin. guitar so why doesn’t Tommy use it? To me it was part of a Kiss show and Gene and Paul own that. Any ideas?
    Sod the out of guitar issues it looked so cool.

    Q2 – If I could travel back in time I’d probably go and see a Revenge tour show with Leon again. I’m in the UK and they were great. Forgetting the first show emotional attachments that everyone has(it was Stafford 1980 for me) where would you travel back to and why? Yes I’d love to have been at the Coventry in 73 but I’m not talking about a place in Kisstory but when for you the band were really killing it.


  • Dan

    Good idea for a show. How about instead of a full show of questions, feature 3 or 4 questions at the end of every episode?

  • Dan

    My favorite Paul guitar’s are the lepard guitar used on the Animalize tour, the iceman, & the Silvertone Apocolypse (the one you hate Michael) I even have one.

  • Byron

    Mike, As for the Ibanez question your 1’/2 right he almost broke it out on HITS. He pulled it out in the French HITS TV Special but never used it on the actual tour until Revenge 1992.

    • Michael


      • Byron

        It’s the Kiss nerd in me. I know WAY too much about this band LOL

  • Thekisssongseffort

    Thanks for this weeks episode….Looking forward to the next… Maybe new questions on a future show. I have a Iceman ps hanging on my wall. One of the 200 made back in 93 reissue signed by Paul. I have more of Paul`s guitars but this is it, awesome guitar indeed.

  • Leo

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the great QandA session.

    I remember that after Unmasked Kiss announced to record a real heavy album? Ace also mentioned that. Do you know if demos have seen the light of the day of the recordings that later on weren’t used for The Elder?



    • Michael

      Thanks Leo… I think that is what became Killers, which led into Creatures.

  • Rod


    do you actually think that if Evan and Nick were going to replace Paul and Gene that would would actually say they are going to do just that? People say it’s impossible but really is it? If I was being replaced by my son in a band you are not going to annouce it a years before it happens…..Food for thought….never say never

    • Michael

      I pretty confident it will never happen, Nick and Evan want to be their own musician not copying their dads. Nick has a band that is being produced by Eddie Kramer right now.

      • steve

        Personally, I would be proud to have my own son replace me. Who would know best the vision of the band. Not hired guns that would play puppets to Gene and Paul. And when they will pass away, the band will continue? I don’t think so, unless it is blood related.

        Guys, lets dream for a moment. Would it be cool to see Nick, Evan and Sophie in the band!!!! hahaha..

        Also on another topic. I just saw Kiss performing unmask in an “rock and brew” opening on I found it really cool to see them unmask. they look more their age unmask than with makeup. I would really like to see kiss unmask touring, no need to look like the revenge era, but today’s era, which means, casual…laid back…Even if gene wear his typical jean and suit jacket, it’s still cool…what do you think???

        thank and continue your great work, I’ve never miss a single show and always looking forward to the next.

        Rock on


  • Bryan

    I don’t know, man. Every time I listen to Sonic Boom I have to have a quick trigger finger when it comes to “All For The Glory”. It’s absolutely one of the worst KISS songs ever written, and will tempt me to break the freaking disc and throw it out the window in disgust if I allow it to play. Trite, sing-songy pablum. Utterly embarrassing. And yet this is Mitch’s favorite song on the record? Holy hell, just goes to show you it takes all kinds. Next you’ll be telling me “Back to the Stone Age” is an all time Klassic……

    • steve

      Brian, i’m in the same path as you. i feel that the two last kiss album are close to a child album. Do believe that Monster is better than Sonic Boom, BUT… Like the guy’s said in a previous pod cast, Revenge was a come back to kiss. Yet, i feel that they are trying to copy the 70’s era. which is ok in a way but out of date personally. I would of taught that they would of learn that Revenge would be a trend for Kiss. Song speaking, they need help for song writing. I feel that they are in a path of talking about never giving up in life, cheap sex (don’t get me wrong, i LOOOOve, take it off…one of the best sex song of kiss). I would of expect songs in the path of Unholy, war machine, god of thunder, cuts like a knife for Gene. As for Paul, i don’t know why he is trying to push his voice (screaming to a point) with words like “yeah” and stuff like that, he just can’t do them anymore. Has for Thommy, please get him out of space song…jesus christ.. Eric, i would of like to hear something like black diamond or young and wasted feel…
      Anyway, next album, if there is. I would like to hear something really dark, swearing, bitching on screwed up events (not personal stuff), kick ass drum riffs, scorching guitar riffs, no “church” accapella intro or chorus.

  • Bryan

    I’m also loving this whole mythology that “Revenge” is some sort of masterpiece. That we’re holding up a mediocre album from 20 years ago as a shining moment in Kisstory is a great example of how low our expectations have sunk with regards to this band, Any album that includes something as abominably bad as “I Just Wanna” must be immediately disqualified from any discussion of “great albums”. If you can listen to that whole a capella “Wake up baby…” interlude on that song without wanting to kill yourself you are a better man than I. But the sentiment appears to be that, hey, they went back to wearing black leather on this one so it’s all good.