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We Look Back at the First Year of Three Sides of the Coin

In episode 53, December 10, 2013 we look back at the first year of Three Sides of the Coin. Our favorite moments, what the show has meant to us.

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  • Chris Polk

    First congrats on your one year anniversary. Keep up the great work guys! What do I get out of the show? I really enjoy the discussions you guys have and like hearing different opinions in regards to KISS. We as fans dont always have to see eye to eye on all subjects, and its refreshing to hear honest opinions. I dont like Crazy Nights, but it was interesting to hear Mike’s opinion since he is a fan of that album.

    The format of the show is great and flows well. A little housekeeping, Tommy reading comments from fans, then on to the topic of the week, Mitch’s Locker, possibly a voice mail, and finally homework (getting fans involved with the show is brilliant). Thats a pretty good layout for a show.

    I dont watch much tv, I tend to watch movies more than anything. But you guys have been added to my tv line up which includes Walking Dead, Hannibal, and now Three Sides!

    I will end with specific comments for each of you guys. Remember just my opinion and just because I say one about one doesnt mean I think the others dont.

    Mike – I enjoy how you keep the show flowing with the format that is listed above. You tend to keep things in order as far as the format goes. A show like this could easily get out of control and I think having a layout for the show helps keep things nice and tidy and not a mess.

    Tommy – I enjoy the questions you tend to ask guests. You seem to always want to help us that are not musicians or in the music business have a better understanding of how things work.So keep asking those questions for us!

    Mitch – I enjoy your journalistic approach to guests. I also like how passionate of a fan you are about the band. And my favorite moment in the first year is the Spencer Blowup Locker segment. That is classic! And I will go on record to say that although I never posted any comments (as I dont really do social media) I was kind of thinking the same thing about many of the Locker segments. So I will man up and say that I was one of the people you were exploding on. Again I may not have said it, but was definately thinking it.

    So congrats to you guys again. Maybe I will post another long comment when the 2 year anniversary comes around!

  • Joe Shaw

    Three Sides of the Coin.

    New listener as of early 2015. Stumbled upon you podcast while searching for Kiss videos on You Tube. I have gone back to episode 1 and am currently conducting a marathon of Three Sides in order to catch up (3 to 4 episodes a day).
    I noticed Mitch is no longer with the crew, interested to see the reasoning behind that.

    Life long Kiss fan. My introduction to Kiss is similar to Michael’s “Rock and Roll Over” story. Mine was the “Destroyer” album. When I first saw and heard the “Destroyer” album at the tender age of 11, it blew my mind and changed my life.

    Great shows, great topics, keep “Rocking” guys.